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How to Make a Small Home Feel Larger

There are a lot of things we can change about our home, but it’s pretty difficult — next to impossible — to change the size. However, while we’re not able to move the walls out a little further, there are ways we can make our properties feel bigger. And does it matter if they just feel larger, or they actually are? It’s the same thing. Below, we take a look at a few areas you should focus on that’ll give you a little more space at home. 


1 – More Spacious 

If you have the sense that your home feels smaller today than it did when you first moved in, then you might be right, in a way at least. Just through the process of living in one place, we acquire many items that, you know, need to be stored in one place or another.

Over time, they can begin to feel like a weight that brings the walls closer together; we have less space in which to live. As such, one of the best ways to create the illusion of more space is to simply get rid of some stuff. This can include furniture, too. Try the minimalist decor style — the difference might just surprise you. 

2 – Bring in the Outdoors

Most people focus almost entirely on the interior of their home, not realizing that they have a whole other living space right there on the property, especially during the spring and summer.

Look at getting your yard into shape, which will include making the green parts of it fairly presentable and adding outdoor furniture. It won’t take long, but once it’s finished, you’ll have essentially another living room and breakfast spot. Add a canopy of some sort and a heater, and you can use it even when it’s a little drizzly, too. 

3 – Basement Options

If you’ve got a basement, then you probably have much more space than you thought. A basement can add a lot of square footage to your house! However, there’s an issue.

Basements aren’t usually in the best shape, so you’ll need to spend some time converting it first. Work with a basement waterproofing company to ensure there are no problems with water and dampness, add some atmospheric lighting, and make it comfortable.

Whether it’s a lounge area, a game room, or extra bedroom, you’ll find that your home feels a lot more spacious now that you’ve added so much space in the basement. 

4 – Open up the Floorplan

There’s a problem with walls. They keep everything divided and take up a lot of room. In some areas of the home, it might be better to do away with walls altogether. Do you really need a division between your kitchen and dining room, and perhaps even your living room? Not always. Take the open-plan route, and you might find that everything feels a lot more light and airy. 

5- Add a Little Light

Finally, make things are bright: it always makes things feel more spacious. This includes well-placed lighting and lighter paint shades on the wall; it’ll expose the space in your small home in a way darker hues won’t. 


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