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No More Wasted Space in Your Home

Do you feel like you’re running out of space in your home? Then make your new mantra “No more wasted space!” Because even if all of the rooms are in use, chances are there are ways you can extend or switch up the way you use the space to ensure you’re getting the very most of it. Here are a few ideas.

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A place for kids to hang out

This could be anything from a playroom to a teenager’s hangout depending on the age of your kids. Either way, a separate space that’s just for them can get them from under your feet and stop them from messing up the rest of the house!

It’s a place where they can study, relax, and spend time with friends. Or generally just space for them to use and enjoy. This could be anything from a basement conversion to a garden room. These are fully insulated structures. Unlike summerhouses, you can use them all year round. You can have them soundproofed fitted with electrics and don’t even need planning permission. If you have a large garden but not so much space in the home, this is a great way to give yourself another usable room.

A pool

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Another way to make the most of a large garden is by adding a pool. Have a custom pool builder create something just for you, you’ll have a space to relax, exercise and entertain when the weather is nice! A pool can add significant value to your home. In addition, you could even go a step further with fountains, lights and other upgrades added to it.

Home office

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If you’re a blogger, freelancer, run a business or work from home in any capacity then a home office is essential. It keeps your home and work life separate and encourages you to be productive in a distraction-free zone. A spare room, an attic conversion or even a conservatory can make a great home office area.

Home gym

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A home gym allows you to keep on top of your workouts. Whether you’re an exercise buff or just a beginner you will get plenty of use out of this. If you have a garage or other outbuilding that’s you’re not using, then this makes for a great home gym. Lay down some spongy flooring, add some good lighting and ensure the space is well ventilated to keep cool. It’s a good way to transform wasted space at home.

A couple of pieces of cardio equipment, a weights machine, some resistance band and then some cheaper accessories like a skipping rope and hula hoop could be utilized too.

Walk-in closet

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If you’re a fashion lover (or your partner is) then chances are you have a pretty cramped wardrobe. Along with clothes you need space for shoes, bags, accessories and more- so if you have a small space in your home why not turn it into a walk-in closet? This could be anything from a tiny box room to an area of a large master bedroom. A stud wall with an archway put up would give you a good space to hang rails, put up drawers and give you lots of storage for your clothes and other items.

With some creative thinking and good planning, you can make sure that there is no more wasted space in your home.

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