Dealing with the Little Home Jobs That Drive You Nuts

Now, come on, be honest! We all have a list of annoying, but not urgent little home jobs around the home that need to get done at some point, but not right now. The thing about this list is that it tends to grow ever longer. After a while, its hard to turn a blind … Continue reading Dealing with the Little Home Jobs That Drive You Nuts

Why Try DIY for Your Next Home Improvement?

DIY has become the norm for good reason. Before starting any home upgrade project, a series of questions need to be answered. Arguably the biggest decision, however, is deciding whether to call a pro or take the DIY option. While the latter may seem quite daunting, it is the perfect solution in a host of different situations.  

The Aesthetics of the House Matters Everywhere

You don’t just have focus only on the main rooms of the house when thinking of aesthetics. Yes, large rooms do play a big part, probably the biggest. But, there are other areas to your home that you need to consider, especially now that the weather is beginning to heat up again.