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Psst, Over Here: Garden Pests Don’t Have To Be Pesky

Gardening should be fun and relaxing. Being outside and tending to plants, flowers and the like shouldn’t be stressful. But when the garden pests turn up en masse, that’s when things get difficult. You would like nothing more than to leave them alone and let them be, but it’s tricky when they start eating the produce. You can’t beat evolution, but you can fight back. Otherwise, it won’t be the summer heat which destroys the garden. Don’t worry because you don’t have to transform into a maniacal, mass murderer to do the job.

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Here are the tricks of the trade to counter pesky pests.

Hire Pest Control Experts

You don’t have to kill. You can outsource it to someone else instead! But sadly, the only option in lots of cases is to terminate the problem as insects breed and nest like crazy. In a matter of days, there may be an infestation which is impossible to deal with without a specialist. That’s why calling Atkins or a reputable pest management company is a savvy move. For those that aren’t keen on pesticides, organic businesses do exist. However, the effects may not be as comprehensive and the service may be more expensive. The decision is yours depending on how you feel.

Plant Protectors

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Once they are gone, it’s important to stay on top of keeping away the garden pests. Otherwise, they will return and you’ll be back to square one. Hiring pest services to kill them every time isn’t cheap, which is why protectors are favorites among gardeners. As the name suggests, they are plants, shrubs, and hedges which cover the most vulnerable flowers. Because they tend to be thick and chunky, pests struggle to get past their defenses. Some are pungent and ward insects away with a strong smell. Garlic and catnip are two excellent examples. One Green Planet has eight more for those who are interested.

Predator Enhancers

Another shrewd move is to plant stuff which attracts predators. Then, their instincts will kick in and they’ll start to kill off the pests in big bursts. Predators include everything from wasps and bees to ladybugs and hoverflies. Lacewings and Mantids are welcome too. Spark People recommends buying parsley, fennel and sunflower seeds to get the right mix. Predators love flowers which like sunflowers. These bloom and give off sweet smells. After all, most of them are pollinators and that is their primary role. Alyssum also fits the bill because it’s about as fresh a flower as you can get this time of year.

Lay Traps

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Not all pests have wings and can fly. Some are slow and sluggish. Yes, this is a reference to slugs and snails. Although they look unassuming, their appetite is ferocious. Both can grow through plants in a matter of minutes. Cabbage is a particular favorite, as are most leafy greens. The good thing is that homemade traps will show them the door. Crushed up eggshells are sharp and cut their soft underbelly, so they’ll have to find another free meal.

What garden pests do you find pest pesky? What are your secrets?

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