Don’t Let the Summer Kill Your Garden

drought tolerant garden

Don’t let the summer kill your garden!

It’s summertime! The temperatures are so hot, some roads are melting. Most people struggle to sleep at night without an air conditioning unit running at full force. And, your consumption of ice cream has tripled over the past few weeks. Every year, it’s the same: Everyone dreamed of summer in January, but now the warm weather has arrived, most people are longing for winter! It’s true that summer can be dangerous, especially for old people and young children who can experience severe health conditions if they don’t stay hydrated. The summer is also a threat to the health of your garden. How can you make sure you keep a beautiful and rich garden when the sun is high in the sky?


summer garden
Tomatoes are a classic summer garden treat

Despite the heat, you can keep your flowers and veggies growing strong!

The typical scenario in a heatwave

Typically, if you haven’t taken any precaution regarding the heatwave, you’ll probably have to deal with some dried out plants already. Roses are among the first to take a blow when the weather gets too hot. But don’t despair. You can clear up the mess easily – have a look for the best electric leaf blower you can find to blow the fallen petals. This will let you check the full damage that the weather has done to the soil and the plants. Do make sure to cut off dried bits so that your plants can grow back stronger.

Change your summer plants

It’s fair to say that you need season-specific plants, aka drought resistant. It doesn’t stop you from keeping your rosebush, but you’ll need to pay extra attention to help it survive the hot season. Help your summer garden to preserve its colors and freshness with plants that thrive in dry conditions, such as yucca plants and lavender. For exciting colors, try a coneflower, which is a daisy-like flower that comes in vibrant shades and attracts butterflies. It will be the sensation of your summer garden! The Lantana camera brings a profusion of bright colors too, but be careful; it’s is highly toxic to pets.  

summer garden
Agave and yucca are extremely tolerant of hot and dry weather.

Create a summer landscape for wildlife

If you live in the countryside or a wildlife-friendly area of town, you definitely want to add some features of local animals and bugs in summer. A pond, for instance, can help to freshen up your garden and provide a source of water for the local wildlife. You will need to monitor the water levels, as the dry weather might encourage evaporation. Keep it topped up throughout the summer to keep small rodents, birds, and insects cool. Besides, it will also ensure your soil doesn’t crack from extreme dryness.

summer garden
Provide water for wildlife as an act of kindness during the summer heat.

Protect your fruits and veggies

If you have a veg garden, you need to make sure you’ve employed tips to conserve water and support the growth of your vegetables. Planting in an enriched soil with organic composts and biochar aid soil fertility and ensures the moisture is trapped. A rich soil also encourages deep root formation. If you veg are planted before the hot days, they’ll have the time to grow their root system and use deep watering to survive the heat.

In conclusion, the challenge this summer is to keep your garden alive despite the heat. Through maintenance tips and smart planting, you can create a vibrant and fresh garden for the hot season.

drought tolerant garden
Make your garden drought tolerant by following these easy care tips and learning about drought resistant plants.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Summer Kill Your Garden

  1. Hello. Thank you for posting this. I have 13 flower beds and 1 small herb garden and then the veggie garden. We are up here in Northwestern Wisconsin. I know what you mean, Our garden really took a hit as we planted our veggie garden a week before we had a bunch of rain and storms. We thought the tomato plants were going to die on us, but one has a small tomato, but they look so rough looking(I love tomatoes). Maybe you have suggestions on how to bring back tomatoes. As for wildlife, We have birdbaths that is always full, and the deer have helped themselves to my Hastas, augh.


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