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Beat the Heat Wave Just Chillin’ in the Bedroom

How have you been coping so far this summer? If these high temperatures have been driving you around the bend, you might have found that there is just no escape from them. And that’s even the case at night. Even though the temperatures do drop once the sun goes down, summer nights can often be excessively warm. This can make it difficult to get to sleep. If you can’t sleep, you won’t be able to escape the heat and dream of winter for a few hours! It’s a vicious circle!

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Are you at your wits’ end now? Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to help cool your bedroom down during the summer months. Take a look at these tips and you’ll see that it can actually be easy to enjoy a cool night’s sleep regardless of the heat!

Freeze Your Bedding

This may sound slightly ludicrous, but you will be happy to know that it actually works really well! All you need to do is take off the bedding on your bed, fold it up neatly, and place it in a large plastic bag. This then needs to be popped into the freezer for a couple of hours. When you are ready to go to sleep, take the sheets out of the freezer and put them back on the bed. It will be super cool for you to get into now!

Control The Temperature

You might find that trying to control the temperature of your bedroom better with an American standard heat pump or similar air conditioning system can really help your bedroom cool down at night. If you do decide to put on the air conditioning, just remember that you will need to leave your windows closed. Otherwise, the system won’t be very effective.

Keep The Curtains Closed

If I had written this blog post just a few years ago, I might have told you to leave the curtains open so that the air can circulate through your room better. That’s not the case now, though, as recent research shows that it is much more effective to keep your bedroom curtains closed, even through the day. That’s because they will block the sunshine from shining in which will inevitably increase the room’s temperature.

Turn Off Electrical Devices

Make sure there is nothing plugged in when you go to bed. Anything that is electronic and turned on will be generating heat. It may only be a small amount of heat, but it will all contribute to the temperature of your bedroom.

Dampen Your Curtains

open curtain vs heat
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If it is going to be an exceptionally hot night, you should dampen your curtains and leave the window open. The air will blow through the cool water, which can help bring the temperature of the room down considerably.
You really don’t need to suffer in a hot bedroom all through summer. Using these great tips can help you get a cooler night’s sleep and will allow you to wake up fully refreshed the next day.

Editorial Note: I have never thought of misting the curtains or chilling the sheets until I read this contributed article. While I think I’ll just continue to blast the a/c at cold temperatures myself, those are great tips to try if you don’t have a/c in your home.

Have a happy DIY day!

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