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Five Ways To Upcycle An Old Dresser

Transforming a piece or two of furniture is now a hot trend, especially with the things that are wasteful to dispose of, like dressers. One of the best ways is to squeeze those creative juices and unleash your DIY skills to make something new out of this old stuff. Here are some of the ideas that you may want to consider in your next project.

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Pet Bed

A pet bed is one great idea for pet lovers. It is quite easy, all you need is just one of the drawers of an old dresser, bring on your furry friend’s mattress, and you’ve already got your pet bed. You can also add four footstool legs to elevate the bed. Also, this bed would be a good fit for smaller spaces.

Planter for succulents or shallow-root plants

If you are into gardening, well it is now time to resign yourself from its conventional ways. You can take an old dresser and re-purpose it as your new planter. You can either use the drawers then put soil to make a plant bed out of it, or you can also use the whole dresser. Further, if you got a three-drawer dresser open the lowest drawer the widest, the second opened halfway, and the third just nearly opened so it would have a layered effect.


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Candy or Dessert Buffet Table

Upcoming big event?  Why not add some attitude to your upcoming occasion? Set up a candy or dessert buffet that both kids and adults will surely love. And, what more is better than to use the old dresser as your table for that? The great thing is that you would not have to exert much effort because most dressers already have their own pretty styles.


It is indeed a no-brainer DIY because all you need to do is to remove all drawers and it would already give you a nice space for your books and magazines. If you would want more divisions for your little book haven then, by all means, do it. However, you may need a little carpentry and a few pieces of plywood or wood scraps to achieve it.


It may not be different as to how you would transform your old dresser to a bookshelf. However, if you decide to make it as a doll house it would require a bit of an effort since you would need to dress it up like your miniature house. Of course, there is also a need for some minor carpentry and wood scraps to create walls. Adding some wallpaper would be nice too. Repurposing your old dresser into a dollhouse can serve you in two ways: an enjoyable toy for the children and a nice display for a bedroom or the living room of your house.

You do not need a degree in interior designing or be a professional stylist to think of other unique ways to reuse your old dresser. There is so much more that you can do apart from the above-suggested upcycles. Moreover, these ideas would save money on items that you never knew you needed!

Content last updated on 07.07.2021

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