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4 Cool Ideas for a Home Office Makeover

A lot of us work from home fully or on a part-time basis. This means your home boasts a workspace or an office set aside for business or even creative purposes. When last did you let your friends step into that area of your home during a visit? “It’s my workspace! They don’t need to see that part of the house!” Sure…rolls eyes….maybe it’s because it looks so cluttered and definitely not inviting. But thank God, you have me. So today, we are going to go through some simple and easy-to-do steps that will guide you on a home office makeover.

You will see how to make your work area more inviting and conducive for working.

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  • Clear out everything

Oh, did I forget to mention that this is a complete makeover? Yup, it is. But if you are looking for a quick fix to your messy workspace, this isn’t it. Maybe we would write on that some other time. Instead, this post is for those who are ready to get their hands dirty and revamp their home offices from top to bottom.

You’re still reading? Hurray! Now, remove everything, from that staggering pile of books and scattered pieces of stationery, to your computers, files, furniture, and every other memorabilia. Just clear it all out.

  • Pick a color style and get to it

Yes, you guessed right. It’s time to paint. You can either choose to be whimsical in your color, style, or go retro. But you can also go with classy and elegant colors or embrace simplicity with black and white color themes.  Even better, design your walls with brilliant splashes of colors to add fun and vivacity to your workspace. On one hand, this can be done professionally. On the other hand, you can set aside a weekend for you and if possible, your hubby to get covered in paint. 

  • Toss out the unimportant stuff

This might be somehow painful for us pack rats, but it is an essential step in the revamping process. There are some items and odd knickknacks floating around in your home office or just stashed in a corner, doing nothing, offering no apparent use or benefit, and taking up much-needed space. You need to declutter, honey. And the first rule of decluttering is this: If you don’t remember the last time you used it, throw it away…..or give it out to someone who actually needs it. 

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  • A little bit of organization works wonders for your home office makeover

If you followed all the previous steps to the letter, it stands to reason that the items remaining are important, useful, and beneficial. Now it’s time to put them back into your freshly painted home office and organize them in easily accessible and eye-catching locations.  

Cabinets, wall-mounted shelves, and bookcases come in very handy here. Floating shelves are a welcome option. If needed, paint these furniture pieces using warm and bold colors.

You can’t go wrong with a pegboard rack for hanging essential supplies in your home office.

Use jars, trays, paper or plastic cups, or any other upcycled container to hold your stationery and keep them in one easy-to-reach spot.

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