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Treat Your Pup Like He’s One of the Family

Your dog isn’t just a dog to you, he’s part of the family. He greets you every day when you walk through the door after work and he lies next to you on the sofa in the evening. Having a perfect pup is like having another child (they need just as much love and affection too!).

When you own a dog it is so important to treat him as if he’s one of the family, so that he always feels safe, loved and secure. Consider some of the following ideas to make your pup feel part of your family.

1 – Regular Meal Times

You and your family always sit down for breakfast and dinner at a similar time every single day. This should be the same for your dog, so that he knows when to expect his food. Check out the Freshpet dog food reviews if you want to know more about the types of foods you should be feeding your gorgeous pup. The more consistency you create with meal times, the healthier your dog will be. This will also allow him to feel like one of the family as you will all be eating together!

2 – Fun and Games

Make sure you actively play with your dog as much as possible. This will not only keep him entertained, but it will also help his development. Dogs are super intelligent so you do need to stimulate them as much as you can.

3 – Lots of Love

Showing your gorgeous pup just how much you love him every single day is definitely a must! You probably hug and kiss all of the members of your family all the time so why not give the same affection to your favorite furry friend? There is nothing better than seeing your perfect pup wag his tail in delight when you give him a tickle on his tummy.

4 – Discipline and Structure

You don’t like the idea of disciplining your dog, especially because he looks so darn cute! However, teaching your dog basic skills is essential for a cool, calm and collected pup. You wouldn’t allow your kids to get away with doing something naughty, so the same stands for your dog too. If your dog acts strangely in front of people or other dogs then you may want to seek out advice from a trainer. You want to remove the possibility of unpredictable behavior as much as possible so that everyone seems the cute canine you do!

The Bottom Line on Making Your Pup Part of the Household

Dogs really aren’t like any other pets, they require a ton of love and affection so don’t be afraid to spoil them. As much as they need plenty of your love, they also thrive on structure and discipline. Although your pup seems like a tiny human, they are still an animal that needs to be taught basic skills and obedience.

As long as you find a healthy balance between all of these things, you will have a happy and healthy pup that feels like a true part of your family.


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