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9 Tips to Add Tranquility to Your Yard

Your yard can be many things. It can be an aesthetically pleasing space on your property. It can entertain. But in times gone past, green spaces on the property had another function: they were there to relax and calm. So take a look at your backyard: does it take you to a zen state of mind? If not, take a look at some of the tips below, and make the necessary changes to add tranquility to your yard. In no time at all, you could have a yard that feels like you’re own personal retreat from the madness of the outside world.

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 9 Top Tips for Tranquility in Your Yard

A Harmonious View

Your mind wants things to be structured and orderly. So no matter what other changes you make, if your garden is something of a crazy mess, then it’ll be difficult to get into that calm frame of mind. What does this mean, exactly? Well, it’s about planting flowers in the right spaces. There shouldn’t be any contrasting colors placed next to each other; instead, the placement of your flowers should make sense. This is kind of difficult concept, but it’s one of those things that you’ll just know by looking at it. Trust your eye to guide you in the right way!

Add a Water Feature

Some people say silence is golden but is it? There’s much to be said for hearing birds singing as you’re looking out at the natural world isn’t there? And then there’s the calming influence of soft running water. View fountains at Living Water Aeration, and add one to your outdoor space. They do more than just adding a calming aspect, too; they can also provide a focal point, and tie your yard together. Plus, in the process, you’ll be attracted birds to your yard, who will use the feature as a water source. Birdsong and running water, it doesn’t get much more enjoyable on a calm summer’s morning!

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Tucked Away Benches

Most people think that all of their seating should be visible the second they step out of their backdoor, but this isn’t so. A yard can be a magical place, and it only gets more magical the deeper you go. Look at putting a bench in a tucked away corner of your yard; it’ll provide the perfect place to sit, relax, and escape the outer world, surrounded by plants that you’ve nurtured to life. Fair warning: this is likely to become your favorite place in your yard.

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 Comfortable Seating

However, not all your seating should be concealed by bushes and flowers. Part of having a tranquil yard is ensuring that you’re fully relaxed and comfortable while you’re there. So take a look at your outdoor seating: is it all that it could be? If not, look at adding lounges and the like. To fully enjoy the space you’ve created, you need to have space where you can spend hours on end. Don’t compromise the tranquillity of your garden by only having hard plastic seating: get yourself comfortable.

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Flowers to Attract Insects

Some garden experts scoff at the idea of having insects on their property, but why? You’re trying to create a beautiful, natural corner of the world! And insects aren’t just part of that natural world: they’re colorful, bring with them life, and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the world up close, in a space that you know you can control. As such, look at adding plants that attract insects. You’ll be surrounded by life, and will be able to see your role in the world from a larger perspective; it’s hard not to feel humbled, and then a sense of calm, with that worldview.

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Herbs for Fragrance

The outside world may be full of fumes and other scents that you’d rather not be around. But your property? That’s going to smell delicious. If you add herbs that give of a pleasant aroma, you’ll be one step closer to creating your own retreat. When you walk out of your back door, you’ll be greeted by a view that knocks you back, and a smell that draws you in. How lovely.

Add Some Privacy

Alas, most people have to live in the suburbs, and, as such, that means they have to live surrounded by other people. It can be difficult to really get into that calm and tranquil state of mind if you forever think that you’re on display to the people in the homes around you! So if your yard is too exposed, look at adding some privacy. You can do this by adding a tall fence around the edge, adding large plants to cover overexposed areas, and positioning your furnishings so that they’re not in the direct line of sight.

Dividing the Land

Of course, in your quest to build a tranquil yard, you might encounter a problem: you have children, and they less respect for calmness and order than you’d like. But that doesn’t mean your dreams have to be scuppered. Instead, look at dividing the land, if it’s large enough. You can have one corner dedicated to your own Japanese style zen yard, and another corner for swing sets and play time. Everybody wins!

A Vegetable Garden

Tranquility isn’t just a feeling; it’s an activity. If you haven’t yet discovered the joys of creating your own vegetable garden, then it might be time to get in the game. There are plenty of benefits to growing your own food. It’s good for the environment and provides your family with vegetables that couldn’t be any freshers. And then there’s the whole “calming” aspect; tending to your garden is one of the most relaxing, rewarding, and calming activities you can do. They’re easy to get started too, so pick a part of your yard and get going. It won’t be long before you see the benefits!

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Final Thoughts

Don’t just focus on making your yard entertaining or beautiful. Work to make it conducive to a healthy mind; in today’s frantic world, we all need a moment of calm!

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