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9 Hacks for Organizing Your Pantry

Pantry a hot mess? No worries, here are 9 hacks for organizing your pantry.

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  • Improvise on storage spaces with magazine holders

Magazine holders can do way more than their intended design of holding magazines. Then with a wee bit of cleverness, you can get them to hold aluminum foil, plastic wraps, and even cans. All you have to do is stick them to the door of your cabinets, on your pantry walls or even place them inside the cabinets themselves.

magazine holder 1 for pantry
Credit: Wrapped In Rust
magazine holder 2 for pantry
Credit: PB&J Stories
  • Container system equals great organization

Keeping foodstuffs in clear containers makes them all the more visible and accessible and help keeps your pantry well organized. You can go a step further and stick appropriate labels on the containers. Now that’s heaven to we perfectionists. But the container system is not limited to your pantry alone though. It can also be used to smartly organize your kitchen.

pantry organization
Credit: Clean Mama
  • Aah, our beloved plastic bottles

Keen followers of this blog know the great respect I have for plastic bottles; they are like so multi-functional. This is because after using them for their intended purpose, you can proceed to do virtually anything with them. If you are feeling a bit curious about the awesomeness of plastic bottles, then by all means, don’t hesitate to check out this post.

Now, plastic bottles enhance your container organization system. For example, they can be used to store dry grains, veggies, and nuts. My mom personally enjoys storing her beloved crunchy groundnuts in these plastic containers.

plastic containers
Credit: Spusht
  • Baskets and storage bins

Don’t ignore the power of these greatly underestimated storage items. They can store anything from reusable tote bags to foodstuffs. But even better, they help to section your pantry and maximize space. They also come in handy when searching for storage solutions for your bathroom.

storage bins
Credit: Wrapped In Rust
  • Pegboard rack; a pantry must-have

Cookware and other cooking utensils can be quite bulky and create storage and organization issues. A pegboard rack situated at the back of the pantry can conveniently store your pots and pans. If your kitchen is large enough, the rack can also fit in there very nicely.  Looking for a way to store office supplies in your home office? Yup, the pegboard rack is IT. 

pegboard rack
Credit: Wrapped In Rust
  • The ubiquitous mason jar

Be it in your home office or your kitchen, these vessels are great for storage and organizing. Deborah uses them a lot for a wide variety of stuff (In fact, she has a special fondness for them. Yup, she admitted it herself). In your pantry, the mason jars can serve to keep your cupcake liners. 

mason jar
Credit: Table For Two
  • Your pantry door has potential, use it!

It just wouldn’t feel right, if we didn’t mention this. I mean, seriously, the door is your biggest organization hack. You can install a spice rack there for quick access to your spices and other cooking ingredients:

Credit: Shanty 2 Chic

Or a wire rack for storing odd items that can’t seem to have a section of their own on the shelves or in the cabinets:

wire rack
Credit: Unexpected Elegance
  • You can have a shoe organizer in your kitchen

“Say what?!” That’s right. A shoe organizer in your pantry would do wonders for your organization. For one thing, the organizer comes with huge pockets designed to hold shoes. In our vertical gardening post, we were able to use a shoe organizer as a gardening container (no kidding). So, if it can serve as a planter, it can definitely be used for storage.

With the aid of curtain rings, you can have your very own shoe organizer cum storage shelf in your pantry:

Credit: Pinterest

A second option would be to hang the organizer on your pantry door if you don’t fancy the curtain ring style. 

Credit: House Beautiful
  • Laundry bags are cool too

So you probably thought it couldn’t get any weirder after the shoe organizer hack. But… Well, I delight in proving you wrong. In reality, your mesh laundry bags can be used to store onions and garlic. This way, their skins, and peelings don’t float around the whole place and they can still get the much-needed air for preservation. 


mesh laundry bags
Credit: The Organized Chick


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