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Here We Grow Again…Changes to DIY Home & Garden

Exciting things are happening at DIY Home & Garden. Here we grow again! We have some changes coming, and we wanted to update our readers on why you aren’t seeing new content daily.

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For starters, thank you to everyone who has subscribed to our WordPress site, liked us on Facebook, commented, or shared our information! Without your support, we would not be growing!

The changes that we are making are based off hard facts and data that has driven our traffic over the past three months.  We are not making changes that don’t reflect what the readers want to see. In fact, we hope to enhance our offerings.


For starters, a couple of you kind people have emailed me on a Saturday or Sunday to see if I was off sick because there was no new posts. In fact, I am doing just fine! You see, Saturday and Sunday…which I had assumed would be high traffic days…were barely getting a look. Those articles were getting views, but not until Monday.

You see, Saturday and Sunday…which I had assumed would be high traffic days…were barely getting a look. Those articles were getting views, but not until Monday. Therefore, I have decided to put my energies into posting on the days you wanted it! I have started to spend Saturday and Sunday cooking, photographing, completing projects to create posts about, etc. I am no longer posting on Saturday or Sunday.

However, we are keeping the early morning format. Our readers continue to be early birds like myself.  Most of the site views occur in the early hours, fluctuating around 6:30 am to 9 am with a peak in the 7 am hour.  Apparently, you still enjoy perusing home and garden ideas in the early morning with your coffee! Me too! That’s my own most productive time.


In addition, Peculiar Erhis, our talented weekly contributor has stepped up her game and agreed to post two articles weekly. If you are a fan of Peculiar’s works, she will have new articles primarily on Monday and Thursday.

Alejandra Velazquez will also continue pop in a couple of times a month to share those muy sabroso y autentico Mexican recipes. In fact, she’s cooking up a new recipe to share with us in the next week or so.

Mexican recipe DIY Home & Garden

Tuesday will now be Guest Post day. I have a small queue of guest post contributors.


Finally, I want to thank all the readers AROUND THE GLOBE for reading. We are now reaching 75 nations! While our main fan base is still 85% in the USA, we are enjoying readers from throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. It really warms my heart to see that so many people are reading DIY Home & Garden.

So thank you, again, for your encouragement and support. Some days, it is really hard for Peculiar and I to think of a new topic, or actually sit down and write! But it’s all worth the effort once we read the comments and feedback…some glowing, some constructive criticism (which is also good).  We will continue to adapt, grow, and bring you fresh new content, every weekday, at 6 am.

Have a happy DIY day!

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