How to Smartly Organize Your Small Kitchen

Okay, so I’m guessing if you are avidly interested in this article’s contents, it’s either one of two things; you are currently residing in a tiny studio apartment with an even tinier kitchen area, or you are living in a big house that has a surprisingly pathetic excuse for a kitchen. Now that I think about it, you could simply be curious, or you just love reading or maybe, you would like to have some handy organizing and storage tips in case you find yourself saddled with a small kitchen or….Sighs…..I’m obviously digressing from the topic.

Getting back on track, regardless of your reasons, the truth is that a small kitchen is quite inconveniencing and if not properly organized, can become very cramped and make cooking so not fun. Here are 5 practical ideas that can go a long way in getting your kitchen looking well-organized.

  • Hang those utensils you use all the time

There are some items you use in your kitchen quite frequently: pots, pans, spoons, mugs, colanders, knives, cutting boards, just to mention a few. Tossing all these into your cabinets tends to clutter up the needed space. Plus you would invariably spend valuable time rummaging through your cupboards before finding that particular utensil you want. Therefore, it is best to hang these items in easily-accessible locations.

Where exactly? Well, there are several options to choose from: You can either dedicate a full wall for a locally-made pegboard rack, or simply purchase standard racks for your pots and pans. You can also hang some items on the inside of your cabinet doors, or place magnetic strips on your walls for keeping knives and metallic spoons. Hanging your cutting boards and colanders on the side of your cabinets also helps to save space.

Utilizing the inside of your cabinet doors | Credits: Pinterest (
  • Compartmentalize your cabinets

If you prefer storing your utensils to hanging them, then you must divide your cabinets into separate sections. Each section would house a particular utensil or sets of utensils (knives, spoons etc) or even food items.

  • Tension rods, baskets, and detachable shelves are quite handy

When placed horizontally in your drawers, pot lids, trays, and cutting boards tend to consume more space. Thus, apart from being used as hanging platforms, tension rods can be fitted in your drawers to keep these kitchen items vertical. Detachable shelves can be added to your cabinet to increase storage space. Baskets can be placed above your cabinets and used for storing occasionally-used items.

Tension rods for trays and cutting boards | Credits: Pinterest (
  • Nothing beats a multi-functional island

I know I’m being biased but if I was asked to give my opinion on the greatest invention of all time, it would have to be the multi-purpose furniture. An island where you can not only prepare food but also store stuffs; now that’s my definition of a smart storage idea. A multi-functional island has a surface for food preparation, along with partitions and shelves for storing food items, cutlery, recipes or cookbooks. Really, whatever you store there is up to you. If you want an island that can be moved to create space for other kitchen activities, then the increasingly popular wheeled-island is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Incorporate the container system

The container system is my mom’s favorite storage solution. Every food item has its own container, with each container having its earmarked location either on the shelves or in the cabinet. If you love organizing, you would enjoy implementing this idea. If you don’t, well, why don’t you give it a try? You would be glad you did. You can also use tags or labels to identify the contents of each container.

Being stuck with a small, cramped kitchen can be quite frustrating, but with these few tips, you would have an airy, organized kitchen in no time. Remember, when life gives you lemons….

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