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5 Easy DIYs to Ramp Up Curb Appeal

If your home could use a little facelift, think about these 5 easy DIY’s to ramp up curb appeal to your home. When is the last time you really spruced up your home? Could it be that you have always said you will get to it? I visited with my friend Megg over the weekend. Boy, was l wowed by the new look of her home!

The whole afternoon she took me through DIY’s 101 on adding curb appeal to a home. The next day I quickly put my newly learned skills to work. The results? Mmm…let’s say the stunned look from my hubby and son spoke volumes!

So, here are the 5 easy DIY’s I picked up from Megg that would really add appeal to any home.

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DIY #1 – Paint your front door

Painting your front door is one of the easiest DIY that immediately adds appeal to your home. Go on; brighten your front door with blues and reds. You can use different blending colors for the trim and the door.

Add more color to welcome your guests by getting a colorful doormat at a bargain. You can also turn your dull one around with a coat of paint.

DIY #2 – Plant a flower bed

curb appeal
A bed of blooming flowers (like these tulips) adds instant color and charm.

Flowers add a magical look to any place. You can plant one or two flower beds in your front yard. To add some spice, build a raised flower bed.

If you have a flower bed that is choked with weeds, give it some love. You can weed or make it simple. Buy some weed control fabric and put it around the flowers. Then cover it with some mulch.

Mix your green plants with some bright flowers for that beautiful contrast. With some patience and TLC, you will soon have flowers with a splash of color smiling at you. Try out some lavender, mandevilla,  geranium, or your favorite ones.

If you can DIY or get a friend to do it, add a window box below your front windows. When the flowers pick up you will be glad you did.

DIY #3 – Beautiful potted plants

When Megg told me about a flower bed, my heart sank. Let’s face it. Gardening and I are not so tight. But potted plants, yes this I could do! So if we sail in the same boat, you can try this.  Get out your forsaken terracotta or plastic pots and let’s do this.

You can get a bargain at a thrift shop which has unique pots. I fell in love with one that was shaped like a rugged boot. To add more color, paint them with red or orange hues. Better still, color block them in two colors. Wind a rope or sisal twine around the pot and secure it with hot glue to bring out a rustic style.

Just like the flower beds, mix some green plants and bright flowers. Throw in a few creepers that will fall over suspended pots.

geraniumDIY #4 – Fix up the Porch

Putting some furniture on your porch transforms it into a warm outdoor space. You can put a rocking chair or porch swing. Look for a rug with some print or flowers.

Repainting your porch is also sure to add curb appeal to your home. Make sure you get the right exterior paint.

DIY #5 – Declutter your outdoors

Remove yard debris and de-clutter for an instantly new look.

The outdoor space is the first appearance that our guests have of the home. Remove all the clutter from both the front and back yards. There is that broken-down chair, bicycle, dead leaves, old toys, and who knows what else.

Trim the hedges and overhanging branches. Prepare and mow the lawn. Give the shrubbery around the windows a good trim.

After the cold winter season, spring comes with some warmth and energy. Put back some curb appeal to your home with these simple DIY’s.

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