God Bless Texas Hummus – Tex Mex Mid Eastern Fusion

I absolutely love both guacamole and hummus. I crave them but sometimes can't decide which one to make. I call this dish God Bless Texas Hummus. Tex Mex flavors and Mid Eastern hummus make a savory, delicious fusion. I call this "God Bless Texas" for reasoning other than the seasoning. I make it from Black-Eyed … Continue reading God Bless Texas Hummus – Tex Mex Mid Eastern Fusion

Fall for this Autumn Wreath: How To Make A Fall Wreath

Whether you’re tight on budget or just can’t keep up with the rapid fire holiday changes, this wreath is cheap, easy, and will last through November. Last week I was eating corn dogs and watching the big wheel at the state fair, now suddenly it’s pumpkin spice and oversized scarves and my door still has spring white flowers on it! That’s so last season, literally! Hasn’t it heard you can’t wear white after labor day?