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5 Annuals That Just Love the Sun!

A while ago, I talked about plants that preferred a cool shade to the blazing heat of the sun’s rays. For those worried about the bare shaded spots in their gardens, that article sure did provide one or two ideas. Today, however, we are having the opposite: plants that thrive in sunlight.

When I say ‘thrive’, I mean blossom, prosper, and practically radiate good health with very minimal care. ‘Say what?!” Yeah, I said it, very minimal care. You don’t need to water them constantly or check on them 24/7. Just plant them in a spot with lots of sunlight, follow the exact plant specifications and requirements, do the needful as a gardener, and yes, go on your merry way. Your plants would bloom like you’ve been tending them constantly instead of your once-in-a-week checkup.

  • Verbena spp

The Verbena family consists of more than 200 different species and yeah, that’s a lot for one plant. Well, that’s Mother Nature for you. These species contain both annual and perennial verbena plants. For the sake of this article, the verbena species being considered are the annuals or the perennials having a short life span. With each species having its own unique characteristic, everyone can choose from a wide range of verbena plants to suit his or her taste. Some species can act as groundcovers while others can grow to heights of three feet. The colors of their flowers range from white or pink, to red, lavender, or purple. They bloom from spring through fall, depending on your growing zone.

  • Mexican sunflower

With an exotic botanical name: Tithonia rotundifolia‘, the Mexican sunflower is not your typical sunflower plant. It grows as a shrub and can reach a maximum height of about 8 feet. This plant deserves to be on our list because….it doesn’t like rain. Yes, this is one of those rare plants that if given a choice, would pick a year-long drought rather than a rainy season.

  • Moss rose

The moss rose otherwise known by its scientific name Portulaca Grandiflora does not need regular watering. The cylindrical design of the flowers helps the plant retain moisture. Yes, the flowers….these beauties come in lavender or purple color and are sensitive to sunlight. Once evening falls and they no longer feel the sun’s rays, they close up till the next sunny morning


  • Celosia spp

Though classified as a perennial, the Celosia plant is usually grown as an annual. Almost all Celosia species produce plume-shaped or feathery flowers, chief among them being the Celosia argentea and Celosia spicata. When cut and dried, the flowers of the Celosia plant are great choices for floral arrangements.

  • Spider flower (loves the sun!)

The Cleome hassleriana gets its name from the spidey-looking legs jutting out from its blooming flowers. This plant is able to grow up to a height of 5 feet and is quite popular for its ability to seed itself for future planting seasons. Just like the Celosia spp, the Spider flower is actually a perennial but due to its short life span in most zones, it is grown as an annual plant.

zinnia plants
Colorful zinnia flowers in the garden under rays of sunlight.

To round up, here are some honorable mentions: Zinnias, Lantanas, and Marigolds. The reason I selected these three sun-loving annuals is that they have also been guest-featured in our other articles. Zinnias and Marigolds are quite adept at attracting butterflies to your garden and scaring mosquitoes away respectively. With the Lantana, you have to be extremely careful if you are a pet owner, as it is one of those plants that are deadly to pets.

We have listed a lot of plants and they all make great choices for areas with lots of sunlight and container plants. They can thrive in drought-like conditions and you can use them in filling up those gaps in your sunny borders.

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