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Tried and Tested Rules for Having a Happy Dog

There are many lovable things about dogs, but perhaps the greatest of all if their capacity for happiness. If you feed them a few simple ingredients for a life of contentment, then they’ll be content. It really is that simple! But it’s worth remembering that it is up to you; when you take them into your home, you’re inviting them into your family. And unless you’re going to let them be alpha of the pack (hint: you’re not), then you’ll need to put the pieces in place for their happiness. Below, we take a look at five tried and tested rules for having a happy dog…who is also well-behaved.

Who says dogs can’t smile? Not I!

A Long Day of Exploring

You’ll already know that you should take your dog out twice a day, as it’s an essential part of keeping them healthy. But happy? They’ll enjoy the walk, but after a few weeks of walking the same route, it might not give them the same thrill as it did on day one. So mix it up every now and again by taking them on a walk that really does make their heart and spirit sing. They’ll love going on a long walk in the great outdoors, and hey, so will you. 

Long walks satisfy dogs. The bigger the dog, the longer a walk he needs!

Let Them Be a Dog

Your dog isn’t a human, and while there’s space for discipline and all that, you don’t want to crush their spirit. Let them be themselves! Dogs like to give love, explore, and feel a part of the clan. If they’re able to do these things, then they’ll be happy. While your pet won’t be able to have complete freedom, by installing dog fencing, they’ll be able to at least roam your property risk-free. In terms of feeling part of the clan, then that’s all about getting them involved with what’s happening with the family. Having a cozy night in, watch a movie? Have them right there with you.

Invisible fencing gives your dog freedom.

With Their Own Kind

Your dog loves you…but they’ve got a wandering eye, too, and it’s facing in the direction of other canines. From time to time, let them link up with other canines for a bit of all-dog fun. If you’ve got friends with dogs, then you’ve got the perfect afternoon date for them. If not, research the most dog-friendly park in your area, and take them on down.

photography of three dogs looking up
Dogs love the company of other dogs


Let Them Be In Charge…At Your Discretion

Poor dogs. Sometimes, something in them tells them “we must go this way,” yet their owner just doesn’t listen, and drags them off in the opposite direction. You’ll want to retain your alpha status, but there’s little harm in giving your dog what he or she wants from time to time, including where you go walk.

Dogs can be curious about their surroundings.

Bringing the Excitement

Finally, bring the excitement! Dogs mirror how their owners are. If you must up the enthusiasm to be all happy and excited, then they will be too. So if you want your dog to be happy, just be happy yourself! Aw, aren’t dogs great? They just want to see us happy.

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