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Friend or Foe: How to keep your dog safe around other dogs

Just like any dog owner, you have a tremendous amount of love for your pet. Perhaps you want to take your buddy everywhere with you, but you don’t know how to keep your dog safe around other dogs. We’re going to address this concern today.

You and your pet will spend loads of time together, will help one another through difficult times, and you will have probably known your dog for most of its life. This makes the idea of the poor pooch ever getting hurt into something unthinkable.

To help you to protect your furry friend, this post will be exploring doggy interactions and the work which you can do to make sure that they never result in a fight.

Tips on Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Other Dogs

Here are some valuable tips.

The Places You Take Them:

Thanks to their boundless energy, most dog breeds will need at least a couple of walks each day. When you take them out for these adventures, it’s very likely that you will bump into other dogs along the way. The park, for example, is the perfect place for an animal like this. Plus, your pooch will relish in the chance to run around in an area so big. You will quickly be able to figure out if the park you’ve chosen is safe or not, and this can usually be determined by the types of dogs you find there.

The Way You Train Them:

There are very few dogs that are born to be naturally aggressive. Instead, their emotions and behavior will often reflect the way that their owners treat them. This threat this makes training play a key role in keeping your dog out of fights. If you train them to be very obedient, they won’t get the chance to run off or find themselves in a bad situation. Instead, you will simply be able to call them away from danger.

The Friends They Make:

dog safe
Learn how to keep your dog safe around other dogs!

It would be cruel to take your animal to a place filled with potential friends if you’re not going to let them have a play. The pooches which you choose to have fun with your furry friend need to be vetted before you trust them, though. This can usually be done by talking to their owner, while also taking into account their age and breed, building a strong picture of what they may be like when they get overly excited.

Dealing With A Dog Fight:

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about what you should do in an actual dog fight. Your priority should always be to separate the animals as soon as possible. Achieve that goal by using a commanding and authoritative voice. Also, focus on making yourself look nice and big. Dealing with a dog bite can be hard, and will be worth avoiding. But, if it comes to it, you should be willing to protect your pooch from whatever harm comes their way.

Wrap Up

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to let your dog out into the world. There are only a very few things your pet enjoy more than getting the chance to embrace the outdoors. Of course, though, when they are exposed to other dogs, you have to make sure that you’ve taken all of the steps you can to keep them safe.

dog safe
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