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How to Improve the Mood of Your Cool Canine

Has your best buddy not been quite herself? You can improve the mood of your cool canine in just a couple of days and he will be back to his gleeful self in no time.

Every single dog owner knows when their furry friend just isn’t feeling right. They aren’t finishing their food, they don’t care for the ball you’re throwing and they aren’t as bouncy and joyful as usual. It is true that everybody wants a happy dog so when your little loyal friend isn’t feeling himself it’s time to pull a few tricks out of your sleeve.

You don’t want him to feel glum, anxious or sad for a prolonged period of time, so consider some of the following ideas.

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6 Ways to Cheer Up Your Canine

Take Him for a Health Check

One of the first things you should do if your perfect pup looks under the weather is take him to the local vet. As long as you have pet insurance you should be all covered for any aches, pains, illnesses, and infections your canine friend might pick up.

There are plenty of holistic treatments you can do at home such as CBD oil for dog seizures or you could use medication from the vet to soothe their ailments. Once you have got to the root of the health problem you will be able to start finding ways to fix it through natural or over the counter medication.

Buy Him a New Toy

The poor little guy has been through a pretty rough ride for a few days so make sure you know he is loved. Take him to the local pet store and allow him to choose any toy he wants. Whether you’re rewarding him for taking all of his meds or you just want to get his little tail wagging again, buying your cute companion a new toy will soon boost his mood again in no time.

dog on the grass
A new toy

Don’t Forget Long Walks

When your loyal pup is feeling down in the dumps there is nothing more rewarding than heading out for a long walk in his favorite park. Soaking in the fresh air will work wonders for both his mood and yours, so never underestimate the power of a little exercise. Allow him to explore the outside, sniff new things and roll in the dirt. If you don’t have a happy dog by the time you get home from that adventure I would be very surprised!

lady walking her furry friend
Long walks satisfy dogs. The bigger the dog, the longer a walk he needs!

Make Sure His Bed Is Comfortable

You need to make sure your dog’s bed is super comfortable otherwise he won’t be getting enough sleep. One of the reasons your pup could be feeling a little grouchy is because they aren’t getting a good quality amount of shut-eye at night. Fill up their bed with comfy cushions and a blanket that has your scent on it. They will feel cozier than ever and their glum mood will soon be a thing of the past.
black and brown yorkie laying on bed with brown towel

Lots of Love and Attention is Needed

When your little furry canine friend is feeling blue or under the weather, this is the perfect time to shower him with lots of love. Allow him to do things he isn’t normally allowed to do, such as climb up on the sofa with you. Put the fire on, watch a film on the television and give your loyal dog a whole lot of love and attention.

This is especially important if he has been through a rough time with his health recently. Plenty of strokes, belly rubs and back tickles will help to make him feel better in no time.

black dog beside little girl
Dogs love one on one a

Find Him a Buddy

Is your cute pup bored all day at home? Have you changed your hours at work recently? Your new schedule might be impacting their mood without you even realizing. Make sure you are spending as much time as possible with your dog and think about whether you should get him a friend.

Two dogs together can keep each other entertained whilst you’re away. It might take some time to introduce them to each other but it could just be the ticket you need to improve your canine’s mood again.

Use the buddy system…your dog’s buddy can help him avoid missing you while you’re at work.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re trying to raise a loyal Lassie or a brave Beethoven, you are always going to come across these up and down moments with your dog’s mood. Over time you will get to know their habits inside out and you will know exactly what they need to make them feel better again. For now, try out all of the ideas discussed above and you will soon have a happy and cheery pet once again!

Thank you to our contributor for the ideas. As a freelance writer and blogger, I’m so fortunate to get to work from home with my own dog all day long!

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