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How to Keep the Memory of Your Travels Alive

We all love to experience the fun of travels to new destinations. No matter if we long for a quiet, secluded landscape or a sandy, sunkissed beach, these destinations are how fabulous memories are made. Here’s just one little problem.

Once we come home and the holiday blues set in, we’ve typically got very little to remind ourselves of our time away. 

Keeping the memory alive of our travels is something we all long for. But we often can struggle to know how to do this. Sure, we have photos from our trip, but they’re merely stored away on our phones. And they are soon forgotten and left in a neglected folder. So if you’re looking to keep the memory of your travels and experiences alive for as long as possible, get creative. For example, you might want to try these easy ideas. 

3 Ways to Keep Your Travel Memories Flourishing

1 – Scrapbook and Journaling 

Blogging is a popular form of expressing your thoughts and keeping a record. However, it’s all in a digital format. Although that isn’t a problem, it takes away the tangibility of having something to touch and hold in the palms of your hands; it lacks a certain kind of depth or atmosphere. This is where scrapbooking and/or journaling comes into play. By purchasing a physical book to fill, you get to create decorated pages, print out your photos, and have a log of your travels to hand. 

2 – Bring the Tastes Home with You

When we travel, we don’t just see beautiful landmarks, we also taste exquisite food. The first time we take that bite, the combination of flavors new to us is an experience few of us can forget. If a holiday and the cultures’ food comes to mind, why not try recreating it at home? Although you don’t have the exotic scenery to enjoy, you will be able to travel there through the power of your tastebuds. Best of all, these recreations don’t have to be complicated. For example, if you’ve gone to the Middle East, you can recapture the flavors by creating a delicious tahini dressing, as one example. 

3- Send Yourself Reminders

Do you intend to be away from home for months at a time? Are you traveling across multiple countries? Then there’s a brilliant way to immediately keep the memory of each location alive. Postcards.

Every time you visit somewhere new, make sure to pick up a postcard that best reflects where in the world you are, and write a little note to yourself. Then, post it back to yourself, ready for your arrival home months later.

Those cards will tell such a colorful story, all courtesy of your past self. And once you’ve worked your way through them, you can put them into your scrapbook to display them around your home. 

The Takeaway on Bringing Home Memories of Your Travels

Holidays come to an end, they always do. However, that doesn’t mean that the memories you create have to end as well. The memories of your travels can stay fresh in your mind. Not just through your thoughts but through your creativity too. 

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