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Top Signs You Need Replacement Windows ASAP

Need replacement windows?

If your windows are older than 25 years of age, the chances are good that it’s time to take the plunge and make this important investment.

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I started researching replacement windows because my home has the original windows from 1965. This past winter was so cold, and it felt like the house just couldn’t keep warm. The heat ran so much that it resulted in a call for repair!

I did some online inquiries and somehow connected with the Dan and Matt from Zen Windows. They are both really knowledgeable about windows. They were so nice. Even though I’m in North Carolina and out of their service area, they were kind enough to share some valuable information with me on how to tell when it’s time to purchase new windows.

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Windows should add beauty to your home!

Top Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself to help decide if you need to spend the money on new replacement windows. Be honest and objective. Denying the problem to save some money now could cost you big time repairs later!

Do The Windows Cloud Up?

Do your windows fog up? This happens when moisture gets trapped. It’s called condensation. This is a sure sign that you are losing energy and need new windows.
For me, I checked that box.

Do The Locks Work?

Windows do more than keep the climate inside the home comfy. They also lock so you can keep the bad guys out. If your window locks are no longer operational, it’s time to look into new windows.

For my home, the locks are stuck in a locked position and won’t unlock. Since we go from needing the heat to the A/C with no buffer in between here in the Carolinas, that’s not a biggie for me. But there are times when I’d love to open up a window!

Do the Windows Open/Shut Easily?

Windows should open and shut without too much straining to make it happen. If you need to wrestle your windows, you need replacement windows.

Do You Have High Heating or A/C Bills?

If your energy bills have jumped up without explanation, take a closer look at your windows. You will likely find other signs, like the condensation I mentioned earlier or a “drafty” feeling around the windows.

Does Rain or Snow Enter Via the Window?

When it rains or snows, do you get moisture seeping inside? Obviously, this is bad. It means that either the window seal has broken, the window frame is failing, or both of the above are happening. Either way, you need windows asap!

Sadly, in my home, I do have one window that does this.

Are the Window Frames Rotting?

Look at your windows from the outside. If you have old, wooden window frames, look at the condition. Are the split, cracked, or rotting? A rotting window frame compromises more than the structure of the window. This can be an entry point for insects or rodents. In addition, it is an easy access point for a burglar.

I’ve been in denial over my windows since we moved to this house four years ago. Quite frankly, windows are costly. We have been doctoring up the current windows with caulking and paint in an effort to keep them for “just another year.”

It looks like this year is the year for us to finally spend that money on windows. Thanks again to Zen Windows Austin and Zen Windows Boston for all the great advice! I feel a lot better now about spending my money on new windows.

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Gorgeous windows highlight a gorgeous view.


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