Crock Pot Pierogies with Kielbasa Recipe

This morning I had to drive to Raleigh to pick up my stepdaughter for the holidays, a four-hour round trip drive. Before I left, I tossed crock pot pierogies in to have a hot lunch ready when we got home. I've seen crockpot pierogies all over the internet, but I'd never taken the time to … Continue reading Crock Pot Pierogies with Kielbasa Recipe

How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

Holiday seasons are meant to be fun, but usually, we get caught up with a lot of important stuff to do: gift - shopping, sprucing up the house Christmas-style, choosing and decorating the tree, and yes, baking cookies. It's time to take a deep breath and cut down on the workload. This Christmas season, instead … Continue reading How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

Peanut Pie – So Decadent You’ll Want To Slap Yo Mama

Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and it's time to share my secret recipe for Peanut Pie. It's rich, decadent. In the South, we have a saying when something's this good:  "Slap Yo Mama!".  This pie is so rich, so decadent, and so satisfying it makes me want to cry when I take a bite. 

Quick And Easy Recipe: Spaetzle Made With Garden Fresh Herbs

As my garden progresses, I'm always trying to use up herbs; Spaetzle made with garden fresh herbs is a fantastic recipe. It's a quick, easy side dish that gives you home-cooked noodles in just minutes. Re-think's not just a heavy winter dish. The herbs give it a light, bright flavor.

Grilled Ham and Mozzarella Macaroni and Cheese. Creamy, Easy, Cheesy Goodness

Grilled ham and mozzarella macaroni and cheese is an easy dish to cook ahead and take when you're invited to a cookout or family reunion. It's easy to make and oozes with creamy, cheesy goodness. Better yet, it only takes roughly 30 minutes to prepare.

Cast Your Vote The Poll Is Open…What DIY Topics Do You Want To Read More of in May

Cast your vote, the poll is open. What DIY topics do you want to read more of in May? MAY IS SO BUSY FOR HOME & GARDEN ENTHUSIASTS! I'm busy planning out my May articles. Yes. Contrary to popular opinion, bloggers do plan. We write content around holidays and special occasions. Between my full-time job … Continue reading Cast Your Vote The Poll Is Open…What DIY Topics Do You Want To Read More of in May