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Staple Gun Versus Nail Gun: What’s the Difference?

It can be a big dilemma to know whether you require a staple gun or nail gun for the perfect completion of your project. This is because of some crossover in the application of these models. However, a better understanding of the type of tool to use depends on the project that you are performing. To reduce the time you need to learn about the topic, we have researched both tools. We explore their similarities and differences as well as factors to consider while choosing either of the machines.

There is a need for customers to be aware that traditionally both machines depended on air compressors in the operation that many DIYers did not own. However, currently, both tools that run through the use of battery power, hand power, and electricity are available on the market. It is usual for many people to misplace a nail gun with a staple gun since they almost resemble but utilize different ammunition and serve distinct purposes. 

Staple Gun 

The staple gun is among the woodworking devices that use staples in operation. It offers a sturdy grip and helps in keeping the operation material in position. The machine is a permanent quickening solution that utilizes staples with a flat or round head. It provides substantial holding when quickening material to a wood area. Many users prefer a cordless staple gun because they do not require power cords. Hence, users can move them from one position to another on the job site.

When choosing a cordless model, it is necessary to consider various aspects, including the following factors:

  • staple capacity
  • budget,
  • other features (since they come in different construction).

Its operation does not require the use of any oil but rather compressed air, which minimizes your burden of changing oil each time. Besides, this device comes with a fastener diameter gauge for smooth running without leaving marks on the working surface.

The dry firelocks on the machine help in extending the lifespan of a motor enabling the staples to perform according to your needs. Its adjustable exhaust contains a muffler that allows for natural direction to the preferred area without the need for any adjustability tool. This enables the machine to have various applications, including holding the fabric to a wood surface. Ideally, they are useful in keeping material in position when upholstering furniture.

Uses for a Staple Gun

A firm grip of a staple gun help in tightening your upholstery fabric. The proper grip retains the perfect shape every user is looking to achieve when wrapping a piece of furniture such as a couch structure and chair seat. Besides, the machine is useful in making bent laminations for laminating thin strips of the working wood together in the chairs’ curved pattern. Also, an easy holding of laminations together facilitates drying up of the operation glue.

The crown staples can be useful for repairing and building drawers and cabinets during the operation.  You can also use crown staples in holding the image and glass on the back of the picture frames. Generally, it is crucial to use cordless guns for woodworking projects due to their high portability, easy maintenance, and faster storage. Accordingly, you can shift this device quickly at the working place without pulling or pinching.

Nail Gun

A nail gun is a device that depends on compressed air in moving brad nails to the working surface. It uses nails with a small pinhead and a diameter of 18 gauge in operation. The nail gun brad helps in holding pieces of wood together while leaving small holes on the material surface.  They launch nails at a high rate, embedding them thoroughly in a piece of working material within the shortest time hence reducing hours of sweating and toiling. 

There are two tasks of the nail gun that involves concentrating a perfect deal of hammering force in a single blow of mechanized and loading a new nail after the ejection of the previous nail.  During the process, a motor powered by a battery makes two drive axles of rotation. The front axles shift a little scooper plate into it while the rear axle moves a train gear that turns a small triangular metal cam.

It would help if you always used protective goggles with side shields when using a nail gun. It is necessary because of the high potential of throwing splinters and chunks into the face or eye each moment a nail fires into the wood. Wearing safety gear will ensure your protection against nail firing. So you should never skip eye protection when using a nail gun. Also, ensure that any surface you are nailing is free of loose working material to avoid accidental firing.

Similarities and Differences Between Staple And Nail Guns

Choosing between a nail vs. staple gun depends on the plan of fastening your material. The type of working wood dictates the demand for the kind of a device. Also, it determines your method of fixing the piece of equipment permanently. You should consider our similarities and differences between a nail and staple gun for better determination of a suitable device.


  • Both cordless staple guns and nail guns are useful in joining two materials together.
  • They both use compressed air in driving the fastener into the surface of your working wood.
  • Both machines have an excellent design for driving either a nail or staple into a material surface with the increased force depending on the fastening device you are using.
  • The design for both tools makes them useful on furniture, with the nail gun being highly versatile on other applications.
  • Both of them work to give a long-lasting solution.


Staple Gun Nail Gun
  • Leaves large holes on the surface of the working wood.
Leaves minimal marks of holes on the surface of the working material
  • Designed for upholstery project only
Can be useful for numerous woodworking projects
  • It has a more sturdy grip and helps in keeping the working wood in position. 
Has thin brad nails glued together lightly and contains a flat head.
  • Useful in building furniture out of wood 
Used for delicate carpentry tasks.


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The Bottom Line on Knowing When to Choose a Staple Gun Versus Nail Gun:

Of course, there are many cordless staple and nail guns with comparable features to each other. But you should make the best decision basing on your task and preferences. The similarities and differences for each tool can enable you to purchase the right device for your operation.

Although these tools are different with somewhat similar appearance, cordless staple guns are the best devices for your selection. They are highly portable and shifted from one position of the working place to another and very simple to maintain. Besides, our esteemed customers need to visit our website for more information before purchasing to avoid operation inconveniences. 

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