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15 Surprising Items You Should Not Store in the Bathroom (It’s Gross!)

What should you not store in the bathroom? This is a question that many people ask, and the answer is not as straightforward as you might think. While most people would say that you should not store anything in the bathroom but toiletry items, there are quite a few things you should not keep in this room. You’d be surprised at the “bathroom” items that might actually be best stored in a drier environment.

15 Things Never to Store in Your Bathroom

Remove these things to a more suitable location asap!

1 – Don’t Store Towels in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are a perfectly damp, and often darkened, rooms in the home where mold will thrive. So having your towels or linens inside is like offering the gross fungi a free breeding ground.

Consider storing your clean towels in a separate room, leaving only one you currently use. Hung that up in the bathroom and swap it out once every week.  Whenever possible, turn on your exhaust fan to suck out the moisture from the room so your towel dries faster.

2 – Extra Razors

If you must store in the bathroom, then have the spare razor blades in a resealable plastic bag to help lock out moisture. Otherwise, keep them in a different room or cabinet to prevent rust from forming on the metal blades. 

Be sure to dry the blade you’re currently using—after each shave—to help prolong its effectiveness.

3 – Medicine

Looks like your bathroom “medicine cabinet” by that term might be a misnomer.

While it may be convenient to have all of your medicines in one place, keeping them in the bathroom is not a good idea. The humidity and heat in this room can cause medications to degrade, which means that they won’t be as effective when you need them.

Store all your prescriptions in a cool, dry place with temperatures between 68 and 77.

4 – Jewelry Can Tarnish if You Store it in the Bathroom

For some reason, you may want to get off your jewelry before hitting the shower. However, ensure you wear it back on immediately you leave the shower or keep it in a cool, dry place like the bedroom. This is to prevent it from tarnishing as a result of the moisture in the bathroom.

Note: the high humidity can also cause the mechanical parts of your watch to fail, as well.

5 – Tampons

When exposed to moisture, sanitary products can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Remember, these cotton fibers are specifically designed to absorb and wick away moisture! This is primarily true for tampons, which can be easily contaminated if not stored in a dry and dark place.

6 – Non-waterproof Electronics

Music is soothing, especially when engrossed in a relaxing evening or weekend morning bath. But wait a moment! How about the safety of your gadget? Only carry or keep your electronics in the bathroom if they’re water-proof; otherwise, you risk ruining them permanently in all of that lingering humidity.

7 – Books

Some people love to read as they do their daily business, but it’s best to break this habit.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but people still do it! I guess it’s because they don’t mind their books getting warped by the humidity. Otherwise, if you spend pretty amounts on your books, and want them in shape like forever, consider storing them away from the shower.

Not to mention, when you flush the toilet, microscopic bacteria enter the air, and you’ll spread those germs around via your book. Gross.

8 – Bathrobe

Just like towels, a damp robe could harbor bacteria and germs, and humidity can give it an unpleasant smell. Consider air-drying your bathrobe after every bath and store the clean extras in your bedroom. 

9 – Toothbrush

Unless you’re careful about closing the toilet lid before flushing, it’s probably best to keep your toothbrush in your bedroom.  Bacteria will most likely be sprayed all over your toothbrush, especially if you keep it near the toilet.  Keeping it inside a drawer or cabinet might also be a poor idea, as the moisture will harbor mildew growth.

10 – Don’t Store Bar Soap in the Bathroom

It may be convenient to have a bar of soap in the bathroom, but it is not good to keep it there.  The high humidity in this room can disintegrate the consistency of the soap, prompting unnecessary frequent replacement. 

Soap that is kept in a moist environment will also attract bacteria, leading to skin irritation. If you must have the soap in your bathroom, then consider storing it in an appropriate soap dish that will allow it to dry out between uses.

11 – Perfume

Storing your fragrances in the bathroom is not a good idea, as the heat and humidity can cause them to dissipate more quickly.  This means that you won’t enjoy your favorite scents for as long as you would like.  It is best to store them in a cool, dry place instead.

12 – Face Creams

Keeping your face creams and cleanser in the shower for easy access might seem like an excellent time-saving hack. However steam can disintegrate the active components in skincare formulations. If not sealed properly, the items can also become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

So, it’s best to keep them in a dry and dark place until use.

13 – Painted Wood Furniture

An antique armoire or wood chair can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, but painted wood furniture is likely to suffer damage in a humid environment.

Wood contracts and expands when humidity levels fluctuate, which will create blisters in the paint coating, causing it to split and lift off.

When furnishing your bathroom, consider stained wood pieces rather than painted ones.  

14 – Artwork or Photos

Humidity is the biggest issue in displaying artwork and photos in the bathroom. If you’re displaying your photos in frames, the humidity can cause the glue to loosen and the images to become discolored or warped. 

If you’re displaying them on the wall, the moisture can cause the paint to peel or the paper to rot. To keep your valuables safe, consider displaying them in an area with no temperature fluctuations.

Click photo to learn how to display artwork.

15 – Food

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of things you should not store in the bathroom, but food often finds its way to the bathroom area, anyway!

Love snacking while you curl your hair and get ready for work? You’re not alone, but it’s best to keep your food out of the bathroom. 

The humidity and heat in this room can cause bacteria to grow on your food, leading to stomach issues. If you must have some snacks or eat in the bathroom, make sure that they are sealed correctly and that you eat them quickly.

The Takeaway: You Should Not Store These Fifteen Things in the Bathroom. It’s Just Gross.

Though it’s tempting to keep all of your belongings in one easily accessible place, the shower isn’t always the best spot for them. You not only risk damaging your stuff, but you also expose yourself to mold and bacterial infection, which may lead to skin irritations and other health issues. Use this article as a guide to relocating every item you shouldn’t store in the bathroom!

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