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4 Best Tips for Styling Your Home With Breathtaking Art Pieces

Art pieces add style, flair, and pops of color to your home when you know how to curate and display them attractively.

It is important to make sure your space is appealing and comforting, especially when you spend more time at home. Moreover, you can refresh your space and make it feel more lived-in by incorporating art. Although art can transform your space, it can easily feel overwhelming, especially with the many ways you display it in your home. That said, it’s best to consider these four best ways to style your home with art. 

Four Easy Ways to Use Art to Add Style to Any Room

Keep these tips in mind when you’re ready to add flair through artwork.

1 – Create a gallery wall

It is always a good idea to create a gallery wall to style your home. It may require embracing different art pieces to create an interesting masterpiece to spruce your walls. You can create a mix of original paintings with other art objects and tapestries. However, it will require some planning if you don’t want your space to feel too overwhelming. It is best to consider themes and common colors to create the right sense of cohesion in your home walls. 

2 – Replace architectural detail with art 

Art can serve a dual purpose in a home. In one way, it helps a home that lacks trim, molding, or other fascinating architectural characteristics. It also brings together various features with the usual eye-level wall décor. This is why interior design experts recommend hanging art pieces at heights where you normally have a frieze or molding. This technique can allow you to substitute art for architectural detail. However, it is worth noting that art and architecture have a deep connection uniting them through design since both are created using the same principle, visual elements, and senses engagements. 

3 – Play with the frames 

What if there is no right answer to the best places to add frames in the home? Yes! Frames can work anywhere in your home, although you can style each room based on its purpose. For instance, while a good frame art can make anything look wall-worthy, you can use Plein air frames to create a modern museum setting and make your paintings stand out. Likewise, you can visit the vintage stores for good frames to fill in at good prices. Although the function of the space can determine the plan, finding the right frames can provide a focal display for your guest, accent your décor and add spark to your photos. 

Photo: Pixabay

4 – Flank your forgotten spaces 

It is easy to think there are no places to hang your gorgeous pieces. However, it isn’t just about flanking your living room or diner. There are places in the home that are often overlooked, although they can have a surprisingly big impact on styling the home. The staircase, landings between your floors, the laundry, and bathrooms are some places you can hang your artwork. Even if you have your walls covered with bookshelves, you can add your statement piece right on top of it. 

The Takeaway: Keep These Tips in Mind as You Use Beautiful Art to Style Your Space

Indeed, art can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to feel so. You won’t have to feel overwhelmed if you consider these tips when displaying art in your home.

Shika N
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