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Nutrition: Tips for Improving Your Health 

Feeling healthy and being healthy are two vastly different things, and our nutrition is a huge part of our well-being and happiness. There is this old saying “You are what you eat” and it still rings true, even in modern times. A lot of people tend to forego their nutrition, due to stress and lack of time, which is why they end up eating all the wrong things, mainly fast food, and unhealthy snacks. So, if you are thinking about improving your health by eating better, here are some nutrition tips that can help you get started. 

1. Don’t skip breakfast 

Some people tend to have coffee instead of breakfast, and that’s something you should avoid. Even though coffee can give you the illusion of fullness, it’s everything but, so rather than reaching for a coffee first thing in the morning, it is better to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast that will keep you satisfied. If you don’t feel like eating a full meal, you can always grab some yogurt and fruits, as that will be enough to sustain you until lunch, especially if you’re not used to eating in the morning. 

2. Never stuff yourself with food 

A plate full of delicious food can be tempting which is something many foodies are familiar with. However, cleaning your plate might give you short-term satisfaction, because chances are, there will be some unpleasant side effects, such as gas, bloating, and acid reflux, to name a few. Instead, do what Japanese do: eat only until you are 80% percent full, as that will leave you with enough energy to go about the rest of your day without feeling any discomfort related to overeating.

3. Replace sugar with healthier alternatives

Sugar is the new modern drug since it gives us a rush and pleasure when we consume it. Still, eating too much sugar is definitely bad for your health, so finding healthier alternatives can be of great help. For example, there are numerous benefits of raw honey, and including it as your main sweetener will surely improve your health and satisfy your sweet tooth alike. If you can’t give up on sugar, then make sure to find the cleanest type out there: usually, brown sugar and raw can sugar are much better options than table sugar that is overly processed and full of chemicals. 

4. Plan your meals ahead 

This one can be a game-changer, but it requires some discipline and patience. Planning your meals can give you a better overview of what to eat, plus you’ll know which groceries to shop for, which will help you save money in the long run. Also, planning your meals is great if you have children, as that way, they’ll feel included. You can do Vegetarian Wednesday or Pizza Monday, or anything you like, just remember to buy healthy ingredients so your food will be healthier and taste better.

5. If you cheat, be smart about it

Cheat days are great as they give you a chance to relax and indulge yourself without feeling guilty. But, cheating can only work if you’re smart about it. So, instead of impulsively eating a candy bar and calling it cheating, make sure to plan your cheats, so they’ll feel authentic. You can cheat once a week, or during the weekend, luckily there are no rules, as long as you’re disciplined and plan things in advance.

food costsThe Bottom Line on Improving Your Health Through Good Nutrition

A healthy diet should consist of vitamins and minerals that come from natural sources such as plants, fruit, and vegetables. You’re allowed to treat yourself at times, but as long as your main diet is full of healthy and nourishing meals, you’ll feel energized, happy, and healthy at all times. And that is the key to improving your health!


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