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How Your Home Space Can Affect Your Mental Health

Let us start this article with a disclaimer. In no way should our replace the essential guidance of a medical or mental health professional. Nor do owe claim to provide a means to help you with issues that might be very pressing.

However, almost everyone will agree that often, our environments contribute to our cognitive functioning day in and day out. This is because to a certain extent, we are our environment, in that we couldn’t exist without it.

For that reason, it’s important to realize that our homes, where we can exercise the most control over our surrounding space, is often the best place to ensure your day starts off bright.
The best example we can use to explain the title of this article is this. Imagine you’re coming home from a busy and stressful workday. You come home and the house is in a state of disrepair. It’s over-cluttered, dirty and there’s too much laundry, both clean and unclean, on your bedroom floor.

Are you going to be able to relax that evening, especially if you do not sort out these issues?

Absolutely not.  For that reason, all home maintenance habits can positively reinforce good cognitive health, as this should be the one place we can release our most tense and negative feelings.

Consider these options to take care of yourself:

Room To Breathe

Give yourself room to breathe with how your room is arranged. What we mean by this is organizing your furniture in such a manner that allows you to walk around the room easily, not tripping up on things. Consider your children, pets and even your own belongings and decorations. A room should feel light, airy, and available for you to ‘spread out your aura.’ This might sound quite ephemeral, but we all know when the opposite of that is true when we feel constrained and limited in a certain home space.

Oppressive colors, drab lighting and a lack of comfortable furnishing can often bring that hard, depressing edge to a room, and you can be sure more than ten minutes spend in this environment leads to a hard, depressing mindset.


Repair & Cleanliness

If your home is in a negative state of repair, it’s easy to fall into a sense of depression. This can harm your mental health. That sounds extreme, but often our home space affects our confidence even when we’re not there. A damaged, unclean home tells us that we do not deserve a loving, comfortable home in good shape. Just as if we dressed shabbily we begin to feel shabby, this personal effect is much stronger when it comes from the one place on earth we can feel most ourselves.

Considering using professional cleaning services and always keep a homemaking budget to prevent disrepair from getting out of hand, or becoming worse. This can help you prioritize your home’s condition, which in turn tells you that you’re worth it, that you and your family deserve a higher standard, and that you are providing for everyone well.

We wish you the best with these tips, and we hope they can improve your mental health significantly.

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