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Enjoy the First Days and Weeks With Your New Kitten

When you get a kitten it is really an exciting time. Regardless of the circumstances of how you brought the kitten into your home, the first few weeks can be a time of plenty of change. There will be a period where you need to adjust and change. So mind how you do things with your normal routine, as life now includes a kitten to be thinking about.

Plus, you will have a cat that is now taken out of their little routine and place that they were. Of course, it all takes time to help them to get back to feeling normal. Soon you will establish a usual routine together. The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to make these adjustments go smoothly for all.

The First Day with Your Kitten

Relax! It’s normal for the kitten to be shy at first.

If you have children or other pets, then it is really important that they all meet the new cat in your home. Other pets might want to sniff the kitten and just generally have a look at it; just make sure that you are keeping your new cat safe all of the time.

With children, talk to them about your new pet and the things that it will or won’t be able to do, and how you expect them to treat the kitten, such as not grabbing it or dropping it. Make the home a really comfortable space and make sure that they know where the litter box is and where they sleep.

They might want to curl back up the carrier that you brought them home in, so having that out for them to see is really important.

After a Few Days, Kitten Will Feel Comfortable

Kittens will not be able to resist being playful for very long–especially when there are engaging toys to attack!

After a little bit of time in the home, you will all be getting to grips with your new routine. Your cat will be getting used to where their litter box is, water, food, and bed are. It is a good idea to get some toys for your kitten to play with as it is a really playful age.

There are lots of things out there on the market for pets, but cats love feather toys and also things that make a noise, such as a toy with bells, so something along those lines, as well as a scratching post, can be a good idea to get.

Keep a close eye out on your kitten and check that they are eating well, drinking and that their litter box is cleaned regularly. You will want to look out for anything out of the ordinary in that region too. This advice is because they are likely to be eating new foods or brands with you. So if something doesn’t look right, or you notice blood, or loose stools, then please see a veterinarian as soon as you can.

After a Few Weeks

Kitty will display personality after a period of acclimation.

Your kitten will be in the swing of things by now, including eating and drinking in a routine. He or she will also use a litter box as normal. You will almost certainly see your cat’s little personality by now. So this can be a really fun time for all.

Welcome to the wonderful world of kitty ownership. Enjoy this time!

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