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Don’t Dig Deep: Dangers Of Digging Holes in Your Yard

There are loads of reasons to want to dig into the outdoor spaces you have around your home. Building an underground shelter, making room for a pool, and loads of other jobs will require this sort of action. To achieve this, all you really need to do is go out and borrow a digger from someone; or is it? In reality, a job like this will take a lot of skill. Doing it yourself will open the doors to loads of different issues. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the most common of these problems. In addition, we will explore the tools which can be used to overcome them.

Dangers of DIY Digging Holes


Danger #1 – Collapse

  • Beneath the human-made layer which covers much of the ground in your outdoor spaces, you will find a lot of different materials. In some places, the stone will run deep, creating a very strong foundation for homes. In others, though, you could find yourself faced with the ground which is made of sand or soil. As water trickles through the loose ground like this, it will slowly carry it away, causing massive cavities below the surface. Only a professional will have the tools and knowledge to spot something like this. This makes it worth avoiding digging until you have had a proper assessment of the space, ensuring that you don’t cause any collapses which will cost a small fortune to fix.

Danger #2 – Utility Damage

  • While you will almost never see it, there is likely to be a complex system going on under your garden. Basic utilities, like gas, water, and electricity often take this route to save space and keep them safe. Having to call a company like Diamondback Plumbing to fix a problem will cost a lot more than simply asking for their help. To take advantage of this, you should always make sure that there aren’t any stray utilities that you could destroy with your digging ambitions. Of course, though, you can also buy tools that enable you to do this for yourself.

Danger #3 – Law Breaking

  • As the last part of this to consider, a lot of people will think that they can do whatever they want with their property. In reality, though, you will often be subject to loads of different laws. Especially when it comes to a construction job like this.  Breaking these can result in fines, and could even force you to cut your project short. Researching this side of your digging job is very important. Because you may have to get explicit permission from your local government to be able to make changes like this to the land around your home.

Final Thoughts on Digging in Your Yard

The benefits of being able to dig in your garden are both broad and diverse. So a lot of people find themselves troubled with this sort of work. It can be hard to know what you have to do to handle it correctly. Especially with different rules and laws applying in every region. Of course, though, there are always people out there who are willing to help. And this should take a lot of the pressure from your shoulders.

orange kliemt excavator digging on brown soil

Thought-provoking stuff, eh? I will take this advice the next time I want to break ground for a new section of garden in my yard! No more DIY digging for me!

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