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Modern Ways To Decorate Your Master Bedroom

An absolutely foolproof way to enliven your living space is to upgrade a few rooms – it can be done economically, as well as relatively quickly. In fact, since you spend at least eight hours there every day, decorating your master bedroom is a nice start. Unlike any other place in your home, the bedroom is exclusively personal, and changing it can infuse the place with a feeling of rejuvenation.

In this post, you’ll see several ways to decorate your master bedroom – most of these options are decidedly modern, in keeping with the times.

1. Add Green to Your Modern Bedroom

One of the biggest changes that you can make to your master bedroom is to add plant life. The benefits here are not just aesthetic; you’ll notice the difference in the improved oxygen flow since green leaves essentially eat Carbon dioxide and exude life-giving oxygen. If you want to level up and have space, you can even consider adding a vivarium or terrarium set up against one of the free walls in your bedroom.

2. The Modern Minimalist Perspective

You don’t need to be elaborate in order to convey a sense of serenity and good taste in the master bedroom; in fact, the old adage “less is more” exists for a reason. If you go the minimalist route, then you’ll notice how space opens up beautifully, without looking bare. You can go with single, solid colors or enliven the minimalist space with mix-and-match shades. There are many preset styles from which to choose.

3. Bed and Mattress Decorations

In a bedroom – especially the master bedroom – it should come as no surprise that the bed is the single most obvious thing inside. It is the centerpiece, effectively, and much of the decoration style you choose should flow from or into the bed. With that said, you’ve got to make sure you have a mattress; now is the time to upgrade, or to finally get rid of the mattress that you’ve been using for years now. There are all kinds of materials for this; do some online shopping or visit your local mattress store to pin down this essential centerpiece of your bedroom decoration plan.

4. Odds and Ends – Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

One idea that you might take to involves using an assortment of rugs and rollers to complement your bed and dressers. By putting matching rugs on top on top of the standard carpeting (assuming you don’t have bare wooden floors, etc), you are able to create a sort of visual island for the large furniture in the bedroom. It helps give each piece its own defined subspace within the larger space of the room, itself. This also provides you with an additional avenue for artistic expression.

5. Fiat Lux: Let There Be Light

Few things dramatically improve a living space than lights place in the appropriate spaces. For example, every room has dark spots unless there are windows on every single wall and ceiling (a rarity). On the market today, there exist an assortment of LED light fixtures that complement every pattern and style.

In fact, if you really want to level up and are looking for a style other than one of the minimalist variety, then include a ceiling fan light directly overhead. At night, it can really enliven the atmospheric ambiance. A night light or indoor lamp-post by the bed is also an option for localized reading, so as to not disturb your significant other with late-night reading.

6. Expanding the Bedroom Space

Sometimes, all it takes is an extra piece of sizable furniture to expand the space – but it has to be the right thing. For example, an extra dresser would probably make the room more cluttered; however, a daybed up against the wall can give the inhabitants a much-needed alternative for daytime napping. A daybed is tailor-made for a master bedroom, anyway. Similarly, if you need more storage space but can do without the clutter, consider an ottoman at the foot of the bed. This can be a truly convenient extra spot.

The appearance of space is another option for making your master bedroom bigger. You should be able to find a free wall out of the four, and attack a broad mirror to it. Additionally, a mirror is obviously a great surface to use to spread light about. And lastly – of course, it provides a way to make sure you’re as good-looking as you can be before you leave the house.

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7. Personalizing the Bedroom Space

A tried-and-true method of maximizing your bedroom space and making it inviting is the use of artwork. You can use cloth tapestries or the run-of-the-mill landscape portraits to provide a sense of personalization to the room. Not only can your walls host the art – but the headboard of your bed can be a wonderful place to display your expressiveness. Always keep symmetry in mind when designing these things; unless you have some skill with the avant-garde and are looking for something distinctly asymmetrical. Either style can work. But symmetry never fails when done with taste.

The Bottom Line on These Tips to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

There are several other modern ways to decorate your master bedroom. But we hope that the above tips are a start. You can’t go wrong with upgrading your mattress and expanding the space to make it more inviting.

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