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8 Home Decorating Trends You’ll See Everywhere Soon

Want to know the latest home decorating trends?

If there’s any ‘perfect’ time for updating your home, it’s at the beginning of a new decade. After ten years of the same old designs and interiors, now’s the time to spruce up your humble abode.

Eight Hot Home Decorating Trends

From refreshing the heart of your home with a classic kitchen renovation to adding more nature to your household. The following are some of the hottest decor trends you can expect to see everywhere this year.

1 – Green Walls (outdoors)

A green wall or vertical garden landscape is a ‘planting technique’ used mostly in urban settings to grow plants on vertically suspended panels using hydroponics. Homeowners can place these unique structures attached to a wall or freestanding. Also, they reduce your carbon footprint by filtering pollutants and excess carbon dioxide out in the air, improving overall air quality. Green walls or vertical gardens free you from the hassle of taking care of potted plants, taking up lots of space and requiring plenty of maintenance.

2 – Vintage Accents

When it comes to the home decor trend industry, things that were popular years ago can become a hit centuries later. One thing everyone is seeing more in today’s modern decor sector is a nod to vintage and traditional detailings, including spooled furniture legs, spindles, and other accents standard in furnishings from 1800 to 1900s.

3 – High-Contrast Interior Decor

High contrast interior designs are one of the hottest decor trends in 2021, meaning if you’ve always wanted to experiment with darker colors – now’s the time to try it. For a long time, every decor trend was either white or pastel, but for now, take advantage of the new decade and experiment with the high-contrast movement.

4 – Non-White Kitchens

A defining design trend of the 2010s is the all-white kitchen. However, at the beginning of a new decade, designers predict that there will be a shift toward spaces going beyond just white. For instance, designers anticipate more homeowners incorporating natural wooden kitchen cabinets and islands. These will provide a bright and airy atmosphere inside the home without restricting themselves to white everything.

5 – Color-Popping Cabinets

If you’re serious about leaving the all-white kitchen trend behind, go for another 2021 home decor trend-colored cabinets. It lets you choose one or more elements like a kitchen island, wall cabinets, and base cabinets in ‘daring’ colors, including red, neon green, bright yellow, and blue, giving more life to your kitchen.

cabinet doors6 – Patina Accents

An emerging interior design trend is one that many wouldn’t expect is the appreciation of patina and age. In addition to incorporating vintage accents in your home, expect to see them combined with patina accents playing out in color trends such as clay and terracotta. Look also for decorative pieces like earthenware.

7 – Kitchen Art

Adding framed art pieces in a home has always been a trend in the home interior design scene. But one notable home decor trend emerging is kitchen art. It’s where you place those traditional pieces of art and incorporate them into your kitchen, making the area an actual ‘room,’ not merely a place for cooking. You can do this by hanging art pieces in the kitchen or adding framed photos on open shelves.

8 – Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Rattan or wicker is making a massive comeback soon due to more people looking to live more sustainably. It uses old world climbing palms that intricately get woven to create home furniture. This backdrop provides you with fresh and exciting ways of sprucing up your home, whether in chairs or tables. Rattan and wicker furniture offer the perfect layer to balance contemporary and traditional styles.

The Takeaway: Try one or more of these home decorating trends to freshen up your decor

Trends in the interior designing industry are always going and out of style. People’s tastes often change as time goes by. Since it’s the start of a new decade, what better time to spruce up your home than now? Try incorporating any of the trends mentioned for a glamorous and up-to-date home in 2021-starting the decade in style.

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