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How to Create a Fairy Garden: Make it magical!

Probably, you of all people had the dream of visiting a fairyland once in your life when you were a kid. Today, I say it is no longer a dream because of the invention of the fairy garden that happened in the United States. Later, the trend grew so big that it splurged over the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and countries around them.

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A fairy garden is a miniature garden that can be created almost in any container. For instance, a wheelbarrow, rubber boots, plastic bottles and many more. The best part about such garden is its portability. Because of it’s mini-size it can be moved anywhere you like. A fairy garden can be made with various accessories – synthetic or natural.

The natural side of the accessories weighs more than the synthetic because fairies are a natural creature and feel comfortable with the natural accessories around them. Moreover, if you use natural items like twigs, leaves and miniature plants in your garden, you can save some money.

fairy garden
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Or if you have kids that are competing to make the best fairy garden in your neighbourhood, you do need to visit an earth fairy store to purchase fancy items like a water fountain or a magical hut.

Starting Your Own Fairy Garden

The first thing when you start building your fairy garden either for yourself or your kids, you need to imagine a design according to the size of the container where you are about to make your imagination a reality. The best way to imagine a design is to think about the most exciting fairy tale character like Rapunzel and the environment she used to live, simple, isn’t it?
But at some point, people might say that such activities are not sensible enough to do for adults – that’s not true at all. Let me tell you the sensible reasons to build a fairy garden,

Benefits of a Fairy Garden

  •    First of all, it is a kind of gardening and science says gardening relaxes you.
  •    It encourages the imagination to go deeper and bring out something different.
  •    It creates a heavenly mode.
  •    Such fairy gardening is eco-friendly and very sensible for nature.
  •    Creates a fun and magical world for kids and encourages gardening.


Essential elements for making a fairy garden at home


  •    Firstly, the garden tools and accessories that will be used to build a fairy  garden must be kids friendly.
  •    The fairy garden area must be kind of a secret one, where the fairies hide and meet only at request.
  •    Mini houses for fairies to live.
  •    Some mini plants and natural protection around the mini house.
  •    Mini homes for birds or insects around the fairy house.
  •    A touch of native wildflowers will make the total outlook of the garden more natural.
  •    Mini accessories like swing, hammock or furniture will add extra glitter to the fairy garden.
fairy garden
Fairies require very special homes.

Tips to make your garden magical


  •    Use string lights at night to give a bright look in the dark.
  •    Or you can use fireflies in a jar to give the most natural look.
  •    You can use some twigs and bind them with ribbons to make a mini ladder. To add the magic tough spread some golden or silver glitter over it.
  •    If you want to create a magical door, then use a cardboard and spray paint it with silver color. Use a metallic paper pin to simulate the knob.
  •    In order to simulate a lake around the fairy house, use blue crystals and place a mini crossing bridge over it.

All in a single bite

Fairy gardening is a kind of art. It is necessary to make it look as simple as it can be with all the natural elements. For example, potting soil, pebbles, mini plants, and native wildflowers. Also, do not forget to put some mini animal statues like a dog with a butterfly on its nose or a bird feeder with a couple of mini love birds sitting and chirping around it.

Turning your fairy garden into an enchanted one is no big deal when you follow all my instructions. Remember, following instructions doesn’t mean you need to copy the exact fairy garden I displayed, make some alteration and create something unique.

fairy garden
This fairy garden will surely delight the Fairy Queen.

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