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Ambiance Tips: Create A Cozy Feeling in Your Home

Are you trying to create an ambiance of coziness in your home?

Everybody is on the hunt for one of those lovely homes that appears to have it all. It looks amazing, has the color scheme intact, and feels like one of those show homes that will forever remain 100% perfect. But the big problem with these homes is that they don’t have that cozy ambiance. In fact, a lot of those homes can suffer from a very sterile manner. When you try to recreate that show home style, the cozy feeling can go on the back burner. So what are the ways to make a cozy ambiance in your home?

The term ambiance refers to the atmosphere, character, or vibe of a space, in the sense that we are describing today.

4 Tips for Creating a Cozy Ambiance

Here are some tips for creating that perfectly cozy space you’ll want to come home and snuggle into every day.

1 – Add Some Extra Light

If your home doesn’t look particularly inviting, or it’s just plain dark, finding the right way to bring more light into the room is crucial. If you’ve got walls that just seem to absorb the light, there’s a guide on Homely Ville that can show you how to cover dark walls with the right paint scheme. You should also think about natural ways to put more light into the space. These include things like hanging mirrors so the light reflects, as well as shiny surfaces like brass or silver. Maximizing the light in the space will certainly make the difference, especially if you live in an area that’s consistently under gray clouds.

2 – Add A Softer Atmosphere

As coziness is a difficult thing to get right because everyone has their own opinion on it, going soft is arguably one of the quickest ways to please everyone. But the furniture you’ve got, is there anything you can adorn to it so it can feel cozier? It doesn’t have to be anything major; it can be something like a big cozy blanket or adding a few more warming layers. You should also think about the lighting, as a harsh overhead bulb might not help to create that cozy atmosphere.

3 – Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Decluttering is one of the best ways to feel cozier; it’s not always about the space itself. As such, changing your space can help you to make significant changes to the overall setup. You might find that you’ve got into a habit where things stay in a certain area and begin to pile up and then you start to feel a little bit of stress because the place is always that little bit messy. As such, decluttering helps to provide that blank canvas.

4 – Organize Your Senses

What communicates coziness to you? Think about enticing smells, sensations, as well as things you might hear. If you live in an area that’s prone to a lot of traffic, after a while you can detune yourself to these but if you find that it takes a while for you to recalibrate after a long day, finding those simple cues to ease yourself into a more relaxed state of mind can make all the difference. Think about wonderful smells which you can get with a scented candle, but also, find the right piece of music that can help calm you down. Think about the senses that you want to come home to. This will make a cozy ambiance without having to redecorate the space.

The Takeaway 

Creating a cozy ambiance isn’t hard to achieve. By focusing on the details that add that certain cozy feeling, you’ll get there in no time. You’ll also help to make your home YOUR happy place!

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