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8 Hacks for Creating Space in Your Small Kitchen

A lot of people have trouble adjusting to a smaller kitchen–especially when they downsize. Even if your kitchen is small, there are things that you can do to help you add much-needed small kitchen storage space, even when space is tight!

The key to making your area feel larger than it actually is? Freeing up space so that you don’t find yourself stacking things and creating clutter and messes.

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Below are eight tips that you can use to increase your kitchen storage space.



1 – Store Things on Windowsills

If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen, one of the best ways that you can expand your space is to put items on your windowsills. A lot of people put herb gardens on them. But if your windowsills are deep, you can have things like cookbooks, canisters, carafes and many other things on them.

windowsill herb garden
Don’t overlook your windowsill. Here’s a charming herb planter. Image: Pinterest

2 – Use Your Drawers More

You don’t have to use your drawers just for your silverware. They’re able to hold everything from pantry items to spices to other small things.

small kitchen storage
With drawer organizers, amazing things can happen! Image: Pinterest

3 – Use the Empty Space Above the Cabinets for Small Kitchen Storage

If you are like a lot of people, you have space above the cabinets that you can use. Put the items that you don’t use very often there. Then bring the items down that are used more often, such as cutting boards and spoons.

small kitchen storage
Store cookbooks and less often used items in decorative baskets above the upper cabinets. Image: Pinterest

4 – Add an Under-shelf Basket or Shelf-Stacker

If you put a shelf stacker in your cabinet, it will almost instantly double the surface area in the cabinet. If you are looking for a way to completely keep your counters clean, you can also put under-shelf baskets in your cabinets. These can hold everything from plates and mugs to jars.

Be sure you invest in storage solutions that are sturdy enough to hold the weight of dishware, canned goods, and heftier items. And, measure the inside opening of your cabinets or pantry shelves before you spend your money.

small kitchen storage
You can purchase shelf stackers and organizers in many shapes and sizes. Image: Pinterest

5 – Use Pegboard Storage to Keep Things Off Your Counters

If you’ve been reading DIY Home & Garden for a while now, then you know we’ve talked about smart ways to use vertical space in your home. That simply means this. Take advantage of the backs of doors, open wall space, or even nooks above doorways.

This hack is something for which Julia Child was famous. Add shelves to one for holding your carafes and canisters or hang some holders from one to hold different spice jars. After all Julia Child certainly knew her way around the kitchen…why not take her advice?

pegboard storage for small kitchens
Small kitchen? Take advantage of open wall space with pegboards. Image: Pinterest

6 – Use Your Stovetop For More than Cooking

Even if you only have the space to put your sink, refrigerator, and stove, it’s possible to use some burner covers so that you have more space for working. This multi-use idea is vital for small kitchens.

farmhouse style burner cover
Create extra workspace by using these farmhouse-inspired burner covers when you need extra space. Image: Pinterest

7 – Use Some Wall Shelves to Add Small Kitchen Storage Space

A big reason that people put things on the counter is so that they can have the items that they use frequently where they can see them. If you don’t have a lot of space for working but you want to keep your pantry items and plates, where you can get to them, is by putting in some open shelving in places that you wouldn’t consider – on the wall.

In fact, you items will be within easy reach but remain off the countertop, freeing up much-needed counter space.

add a shelf
One of our fave kitchen shelving ideas is to use recess shelving between the joists. That’s otherwise wasted wall space! Image: Pinterest

8 – Use a Pantry

If you don’t have a lot of space in your cabinets and you don’t have the money to redo your kitchen, one of the ways that you can increase the storage in your kitchen is to buy a freestanding pantry. You’ll love being able to utilize this unit for extra plates, dry goods, canned goods and more. 

small kitchen storage
A freestanding pantry adds tons of storage in a small footprint. Image: Pinterest

Wrap-up: Increase Your Small Kitchen Storage Space With These Easy Tips

These are eight hacks that you can do to help you in adding small kitchen storage space. Even when you have a tiny kitchen, you can use these eight tips to easily give you more free space than you could ever imagine. 


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