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5 Ways To Make Your Home A Bug Free Zone


Most of us don’t really mind bugs so long as they’re not treading on our territory. And some of us categorically can’t stand pests and are actually quite scared of them. It’s natural as any homeowner to want to protect your home from bugs infesting your property. But how do you do it? As autumn creeps around and insects and pests are trying to find somewhere warm and sheltered to withstand the upcoming winter. To make sure it’s not your home they choose, here are 10 ways to make your home a bug-free zone.

5 Ways to Make Your House Bug Free

bug free home
An exterminator can rid you of ants and other creepy visitors if the problem is severe

1 – Seal The House

Prevention is apart of the theme for this post in an attempt to create a bug free home. So first off, you need to seal any cracks and crevices that a tiny bug would see as a doorway to your home. From door drafts to shutting the vents at the top of your windows. Every hole is a potential avenue inside, so seal it! 

2 – Bug Plugs

To spread the notion amongst the bug world that your home is not for sleeping or laying eggs, you may want to consider a bug plug to detect/repel pests away. You can go to for instance, that business specifically deals with how to keep bed bugs at bay. Because they’re so tiny, you may have them without even realizing, and so it’s wise to get a plug to make sure you’re not sharing your bed with unwanted bugs.

3 – Empty The Trash to Keep Bug Free

But don’t just empty it every now and then or when it’s overflowing, take the rubbish out regularly. Food is a massive attraction for all pests, and so naturally to keep creepy crawly nightmares from the garden away, you want to get rid of anything that pests might see as an invitation to dine. If you are making any smelly food aim to put any scraps straight in the trash once you’re finished with dinner. Plus, be mindful of keeping your bin clean and disinfected too. 

4 – White Vinegar and Water

To repel bugs from entering your home, particularly spiders, there’s a natural solution you can use that won’t pollute the air of your home. You simply mix 50/50 of white vinegar and water, put it in a spray bottle and spray it around the window and door edges of your home. This will deter quite a few bugs from entering.

5 – Clean The Floors

A lot of the steps mentioned above are about cleaning your home to prevent bugs waltzing in. This step is no different, from regularly vacuuming, at least a minimum of once a week and keeping your hard floors swept and clean, dirt, debris and dropped food, will no longer attract bugs to your abode. 

What Are You Waiting For? Go Make Your Home Bug-free!

These aren’t only ways to deter bugs. Washing your clothes, linen and your pets regularly will help stop unwanted visitors from making your home their own too. By following the steps above, you can create a cleaner environment and make your home a bug free zone.


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