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Garden Nightmares (and how to deal with them)

Have you ever had to deal with garden nightmares? Here are some of the issues you can encounter and the solutions that you could need. 


The Mole Hill Mine Field


Some critters are an absolute joy to see in your garden. Others? Well, they can make quite a mess. Moles certainly fall into the latter category and you might notice that molehills are popping up on your property. Is this a serious issue? It can be because moles dig tunnels that can alter the foundations of your home exterior. As such, you want to make sure that you are moving them along. 

This can be done completely humanely so don’t fall into the trap of hiring a solution that will hurt the animal. Mole traps can catch the rodent before safely releasing it at least five miles from the property. 


The Insect Error

We often think that insects are going to be easy to deal with. It’s true, there are some simple ways to stop mosquitoes from ruining your summer. But what about if you find a nest of insects somewhere around your property. You do need to deal with this quickly as it can be a serious safety hazard, particularly if you have kids. Turns out it’s one of the bigger garden nightmares!

For instance, you might find a bee or wasp nest somewhere in your garden or even in a sheltered area. If that’s the case, you may want to visit They will be able to ensure that you get the full support you need to deal with the issue the right way. You should never attempt to remove one of these nests yourself. They are far too dangerous. 


The Flooded Lake


Has your garden flooded after a period of heavy rain? If this happens, then you need to think about the level of permeability in your garden. It’s possible that this is quite poor which causes the water to build up underneath and eventually on the surface. To fix this, you need to add a permeable layer to your garden. This can be a tad expensive but it’s well worth the renovation work if you are tired of waking up to find you suddenly live next to a lake. 

Don’t forget this can cause issues to your home as well. The water beneath the surface could be pushing against the foundations of your property. This is why some people get water coming into their basement. 

The Dead Grass

Finally, the only real issue here is going to be a cosmetic problem. But it’s still probably not something that you want to deal within your home. The problem is that through the summer months, you can find that the grass does get burned to a crisp. This is particularly true when the weather is hot, hot, hot. How do you avoid this? Well, you can keep the grass well-watered. It’s possible to do this with a sprinkler system. Alternatively, you can lightly sprinkle it with the hose. You can find more info on

Alternatively, if the damage has already been done, then it might be time to think about speaking to a landscaper. They are sure to have some tricks up their sleeve to guarantee that your garden looks fantastic once more.  A pro might be the ticket to ending your garden nightmares!

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