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How to Host an Incredible Winter Garden Party

You think you’re all partied out, but then the January blues set in like an east coast cold snap. After weeks of staying in because you’re too broke to go out after Christmas, you need a way to blow off steam without breaking the bank. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you: the winter garden party.

Eating fantastic food, drinking good wine, and socializing with buddies is an excellent way to blow off the winter blues. Plus, it’s not like a couple of burgers and hot dogs are overly expensive.
There is a problem though. As it gets cold, it gets difficult to plan an outside event. The weather is an obvious obstacle, as are the seating arrangements and the challenges of barbequing in the middle of the chilliest season of the year.

But, if you and your loved ones dread the cold, that’s about to change. Rain or shine, it’s possible to host a garden party your guests will enjoy and remember for a very long time.

5 Details That Matter When Hosting a Successful Winter Garden Party

Continue reading to learn how to overcome the tests that are synonymous with this type of event.

1 – Watch The Weather Forecast

While it isn’t going to be as hot as summer, there are a few things you want to avoid.
They are:

  • –    the wind
  • –    the rain
  • –    the snow

All of these elements only make hosting an outdoor party ten times harder than it is originally. So, it’s important to keep an eye on the weather forecast to help you pick a day that isn’t too problematic. The perfect conditions are sun and a slight breeze. Even if the mercury doesn’t reach very far up the thermometer, it’s bearable for everyone as long as they wrap up warm.

The only way to host when it’s a truly horrible day is to do it in a controlled area. Houses with an outside eating area will keep everybody dry as the roof will take the brunt of the punishment. If your garden is open to the elements, you should choose your time to host carefully.

2 – Remember The Temperature Drops

It will start cold and the day will get colder. This is inevitable in the winter as it feels icy when the sun sets and the sun goes home very early. Guests are bound to feel the chill so it’s essential to keep the temperature as high as possible. Heaters are the obvious choice, yet choosing the right one isn’t straightforward. Do you drag a space heater outside or opt for something a little more contemporary?

The answer is the latter as a table top heater comes with all the major features. For example, it’s stylish and fits in with the garden’s décor, which is important for a host. But, it gives off a lot of heat so it isn’t a feature that puts style over substance. And, if you’re worried about the environment, they don’t use much energy as they aren’t inefficient. You can even pick a small size to avoid wasting electricity.

When a heater isn’t an option, don’t be afraid to layer up that extra clothing. Don’t worry because there’s no reason to hand out your Sunday best. Anything that is warm and snug will be more than enough. Anyway, it’s the gesture that counts and your guests will love the fact you’ve got a contingency plan.

3 – Have A Seating Plan

And not like the ones you find at a wedding. It’s a garden party so people are going to have to stand up as there won’t be enough space for tens of deck chairs. Still, a few people do like to sit down and relax, especially if they get a spot near the heater. With this in mind, it’s always a smart idea to have some chairs scattered around just in case. The planning bit comes into play regarding the seats suitable for the outdoors.

You might think “I’ll drag the kitchen chairs outside and it will be fine,” but it won’t. After all, they are made for the indoors and not to deal with the harsh conditions Mother Nature throws around. Leather and fabric soon start to wear away once they come into contact with water and a stiff breeze. As worse, they’ll stain and ruin the ambiance of the dining room for the foreseeable future.

It’s for these reasons it’s usually a good idea to buy or borrow readymade garden chairs. They can be as basic as deck chairs as long as they are durable and relatively comfy. You can even add a bench. Not only does it fit multiple people, but it adds another element to the garden. That’s added value after the party is over.

winter garden party
Fire up the grill, cold weather forgotten!


4 – Cook Winter Food

Tucking into cheeseburgers seems like a winner regardless of the season yet it isn’t a savvy move. For one thing, guests might not turn up if the menu isn’t exotic. Would you brave the weather for something you can eat pretty much anywhere at any time? Plus, there is the atmosphere to consider as the food sets the tone for the party as a whole.

Finger food is the sort of stuff you eat during the summer when you want to sit outside and enjoy the weather. In the winter, it’s about using the provisions to prevent everyone from freezing to death! For example, a spicy salad with saffron-infused rice warms the cockles. And, the sharing element keeps the guests moving so that they don’t feel the cold as much.

Try picking a cuisine which you know will fit the brief, Turkish or Greek are two incredible choices as they mix hot food with spices and encourage people to share.

5 – Spruce Up The Plants

winter garden party
Cheerful potted flowers can decorate your winter garden party. Then, take them indoors to enjoy after!

Using the garden means it can’t be a total wreck. Sadly, the winter weather can play havoc with the plants and flowers if they aren’t durable. If they are dying and drooping, be sure to prune them so that only the fresh flowers are left. Another tip is to use potted plants to add color and life to the garden.

Do you think you can pull off a winter garden party this year?

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