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The Cutest Container Gardens Are Easy To Create!

The cutest of container gardens are easy to create with just a little time and imagination. In fact, any vessel or bucket can be turned into a container garden. In my opinion, unexpected containers add charm and a rustic folk-art appeal to your outdoor living space.

Whether the container is large or small makes no difference at all. Indeed, you just need to creatively pair the right plant with the container depth and size.  If you are using a very shallow container, choose succulents. This is because the small amount of soil will dry out quickly, and the succulents will enjoy that drier environment.

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I love the look of old work boots filled with succulent plants.

When my grandfather passed away from cancer, my mother took his old work boots and filled them with hens & chicks. They sat by the back door of our house for years. It was a great way to remember him, as he was a carpenter who wore work boots every day of his life. The boots above remind me of that cherished memory.

Upcycle a kitchen table into a lettuce table Simply build sides onto an old kitchen table and add potting mix. Lettuce can grow in only a few inches of soil. Keeping this in a mixed sun/shady spot near the allow the lettuce to thrive even during the summer heat. Placing it near the kitchen door allows you easy access to cutting off lettuce or greens to make a quick salad on a hot summer evening. This also works great for herbs!

Galvanized buckets, feed troughs, and wash tubs are naturals for container gardens. Because they can be of larger scale, you can grow larger plants such as tomatoes in these. Drill a few small holes for drainage before planting.

Consider quirky items as well as traditional planters. A girl after my own heart, The Thrifty Mama, turned the drawers of an old dresser into a charming way to plant colorful blooms. Rustic charm is so appealing to me.

bikefinished1 container garden

Finally, my personal favorite is my beach bike because…well, it’s mine. When I told my husband that I wanted to turn a bike into a planter he thought I had lost my mind. But, in my opinion, anything painted Tiffany Blue is sure to add appeal to your space!

When you’re thinking of container gardens, consider the size of the container, the type of plant that will be best suited, and the overall presentation when you are done. You will have a charming container garden that you will enjoy all summer!

Happy gardening!


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