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Container Gardening: Choosing the Right Planter

Container gardening is the fastest, easiest way to start a garden. However, it is crucial to choose the right planter.

Naturally, you are wondering why you would a garden in containers. But I maintain it’s the easy way.

First, you don’t need to prepare the garden site.  Conversely, with a traditional garden, you must till the land, remove the clumps of grass, and hoe rows.

Secondly, you can keep weeds removed with minimal effort.  The weeds can’t root deeply, so removal is a breeze. On the other hand, weeds can quickly take over plants in the ground.

Third, you can move your plants out of harm’s way at a moment’s notice.  I live in Eastern North Carolina. Moreover, I live inland on a coastal county off Albemarle Sound. Therefore, we are prone to hurricanes, hail, tropical storms, and tornadoes.  If we are expecting a storm, I can tuck my planters safely away in my barn.

When selecting a container garden site, consider these factors.

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First, observe the amount of sunlight you receive each day in the selected area. Some plants require full sun, some require mixed sun and shade. This is a crucial step in planning your garden.

Also, make sure you are close to a water source.  Obviously, you need to water your plants.  You will become quickly frustrated if you need to carry water out to your plants one container at a time.

In addition, think about what types of plants will go into each planter.  If you are planting root vegetables such as radishes, onions, or carrots you need a pot that is a bit deeper.  However, lettuce and herbs are just fine in shallower containers.

Finally, read seed packets.  Trust me on this.  They tell you when to plant, what type of light is required, how long it takes for sprouts to germinate, and the length of time before you can harvest.

There is no right or wrong item to use as a planter.  I love my Stack A Pots vertical garden system because they are tall and impressive looking.  I have a large yard. However, it is heavily shaded.  This allows me to move my Stack A Pots into the best position.

However, I have seen herb gardens constructed from pallets that are also adorable and take up little space.

I also recently refurbished an old bicycle into a planter. It will hold herbs next year. However, because I refinished it so late this season, it currently holds decorative flowers and a pot of impatiens.

upcycled bike
After being hauled from the scrap pile, this bike is upcycled into a planter

Don’t overlook the possibilities that exist in your space.  When I moved into my house, the prior owner had left a set of concrete steps pushed against the barn.  Naturally, we tried to remove them…to no avail.  Literally, these steps weigh a ton.

Consequently, we decided to make them part of the landscape.  We painted them white, placed long deck planters on them, and planted basil, rosemary, and oregano in them. Therefore, we re-purposed an eyesore into a landscape piece.

Container gardening is simple. Choosing the container is a vital step to your gardening success.  However, it can also be an imaginative and decorative way to add charm to your yard.

Happy gardening!

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