Maple Bacon Corn Muffins A Fall Morning Treat

Maple bacon corn muffins are a treat for a cool fall morning. I bake them on Sunday morning and serve them piping hot. You get 18 muffins out of one batch, leaving plenty of muffins left over to keep on hand for a quick weekday morning breakfast.

Cinnamon Caramel French Toast, A Sweet Breakfast Recipe

French toast is often categorized as a way to use up old bread, but Cinnamon Caramel French Toast is so much more than that. Okay. Technically, it is a wonderful way to use up old bread. However, this is so much better than that. It is rich and sweet at the same time.

Leftover Grits? Make Grits Bread for a Quick Weekday Breakfast Toast

Every time I fix them for breakfast, I end up with leftover grits. I have come up with a way to bake those leftovers into a hearty, richly-textured bread with a rustic appearance. It makes a wonderful toast and is a full-bodied bread to get out the door in the morning. I know a few … Continue reading Leftover Grits? Make Grits Bread for a Quick Weekday Breakfast Toast

Hot, Fresh Strawberry Pancakes: A Reason To Get Out of Bed!

In North Carolina, we are lucky that we harvest strawberries in April every year. The season starts around mid-April here in Eastern NC and lasts through early May. Give or take a few days, we have a few short weeks to savor the juicy, sweet flavor of strawberries. Pancakes with fresh strawberries are the perfect way to start out a cool April morning.