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How to Remove Standing Water from Your Home

Standing water is the problem for people living in flood-prone regions or areas on the shore of large water bodies. Water constitutes 70% of the face of Earth and unfortunately, floods and rains are extremely common.  Apparently, standing water is not the pool one would want in their house. Metaphors aside, let’s talk about the actual severe problems people face due to standing water at home.  

What if there is continuous rain or flood in your region that leads to colossal water accumulation on your terrace? The ceiling leakage, waterborne insects/mosquitoes, weakening of the ceiling walls, accumulation of dirt on the corners, rusting (water comes in contact with iron railings), etc.

What if the water gets accumulated in your garden or lawn area? Standing water in the garden/lawn leads to the risk of unwanted weeds growing, destruction of healthy plants, accumulation of algae, fungi or bacteria, and lots more.  

One cannot afford to leave standing water untreated and these calls for the need to entirely evacuate water from different areas of the house. 

Water Extraction Services is the process of entirely draining out the standing water that bothers every household (especially in the rainy season). The water needs to be extracted as quickly as possible to prevent its aftermath. 

As it is well-said prevention is better than cure. Why not be well versed with the techniques of excess water extraction:     

Water Extraction Techniques 

1 – Create the Appropriate Drainage

If your house is on the bank of large river bodies, heavy rain zones, or flood zones then you have no other option than keep your house secure by installing the appropriate drainage system. This is something that needs to be foreseen and should be taken care of while constructing the house. For example, patio drainage channels and other drainage installations.

2 – Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are used to drain out the water if it goes beyond a certain level. Basically for basement protection, the pump is fixed in the pit at the ground level. As soon as the water rises the pump shows its quality and immediately drains out excess water making it easy for the house residents to clear the mess caused by the floods. Submersible sump pumps, pedestal sump pumps, other backup pumps. Use any of these to keep your house safe.

3 – Hire Cleaning Professionals for the Clean-up tasks

Call for external help. They are the professionals who have expertise in their field and will help you come out of the chaos stress-free. They acquire useful equipment and are just a call away from you.

4 – Drying of House and Possessions

This is not an option but a necessity if your house is vulnerable to floods or heavy rainfall. Get an indoor dehumidifier. The equipment will extract moisture from the air. Keep your belongings in the sun to dry (if it stopped raining). Open all the doors and windows of your house to let in ample sunlight and air in the house.

5 – No blockage in the Pipes

Keep in mind the pipes are clear and have no blockages. Sometimes water accumulation is not because of heavy rainfall but because of the blocked pipeline. Make sure there is no blockage or breakage in the pipes. Prepare your home beforehand.

6 – Lawn Dethatch

Permeable lawns or artificial grass lawns allow quick drainage preventing the standing water conditions in the lawn. In this simple mechanism, the land will allow excess water to drain to the base underneath the soil. You can also try breaking the soil with a rake or a shovel, this gives a way for extra water to drain out. Use compost, mulch, or manure as the top layer of the soil.

7 – Soil Grading

Properly grade your lawn and gardens to facilitate proper drainage. Low spots or pits will let the water accumulate in turn increasing your frustration. In such cases, a dry well is also an option which will drain out excess water and direct the flow to underground tanks/wells.   The steps you take here will save you a lot of future headaches.    

sump pumpFinal Thoughts on Removing Standing Water From Your Basement

No one can interfere with the affairs of God and therefore one needs to be prepared for what comes in the way. This is a bitter fact that there is no such term like flood free home. Thus, it is mandatory to keep your house well equipped for hard times like floods or heavy rainfall.    

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