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3 Stylish Details to Sell Your Home In A Hurry

When it comes time to sell your home, the most important thing to bear in mind is making it appeal to as large a selection of potential buyers as possible. This is something that needs to be done while still living in the house, so you can’t exactly go “pedal to the metal” in terms of additions, but it’s no secret that a majority of people selling houses indulge in a little bit of overhauling before they go to market.

This is easier if you allow yourself some time ahead of a move. If you’re planning to move somewhere better, or just different, any time soon, then it is worth resolving that you will be in a new place within a certain time frame, but making sure any additions are finished and bedded in before you put the property on the market. The reason for this is that you want the house to be ready to sell, and below we have three additions which will make it all the more likely that the house will sell in a hurry when the time comes.

Three Stylish Features That Help Sell Your Home

These three updates are stylish details that can set your house apart from the other properties on the market.

1 – Include a home office

The prevalence of working from home is only going to increase in the coming years, and while the current, somewhat temporary nature of the move is resulting in people taking their laptop to the kitchen table and making the best of it, that’s unlikely to continue. As the demand for home jobs grows, people are going to want dedicated workspaces at home, and creating an office – instead of a spare room or additional storage – is the perfect way to keep work and the rest of life separate. You can trick it out with additional electric outlets, USB docking stations, or other office-style accouterments so it’s ready to go when someone moves in.

2 – Smart and green upgrades

Two of the most prominent domestic trends of the current age are greater automation and a stronger focus on the environment. When you come to sell your home, it will help a great deal, and add significant value, if it doesn’t need upgrading to be a part of this transformation. A smart speaker like an Amazon Echo or Google Home is a good start, but you can add smart lighting and heating, and bring security with a video doorbell that lets you see who’s outside. Boost the home’s green credentials with added insulation, underfloor heating, and solar panels among other potential additions for an added boost.

3 – A stylish staircase

It is always beneficial for selling a house if you are able to open the front door to a WOW addition. One way to achieve this is by adding working with the likes of Designed Stairs to create a staircase that (literally) elevates everything. Giving the whole house a more open look, and adding some additional style means that you can impress potential buyers the moment you open the door to them, and then keep the good news coming with the above additions.

The Takeaway: When it’s time to sell your home, the details do matter

If you want to sell your home quickly and get a good price on it, you need to make it a bit special and a bit different. The above additions can be made ahead of time without breaking the bank, and are ideal ways to get the best deal.

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