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3 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Tight Budget

You can turn your house into a home with stylish decor, even on a tight budget.

If you own a home or rent a home that you can make significant changes to as far as decoration is concerned, you’re going to have some work ahead of you. Painting, making repairs, moving furniture, patching up incidental damage—these things can be difficult and sometimes expensive.

Many people like to make specific home improvements to their own property, generally for the better. However, even minor changes can be surprisingly expensive. Say you’re putting up a wooden column on a deck between the roof and the railing. If the handrail isn’t flush, you’ll have to fix that either through repair or shims; then the tools are involved. It can all become expensive.

3 Design Hacks to Fit Even a Tight Budget

So what’s the solution? Well, you want to take things one at a time and start with some of the more affordable decoration motifs out there. Here we’ll briefly explore three ways you can affordably decorate your home.

1 – Luxurious Carpets on Hard Floors

Particular carpets are designed to be so soft they feel like a blanket. If you’ve got a vast room that’s got hard floors, a few area rugs—or one big one—can totally upgrade the space. Pop culture knows: a good rug can really tie a room together. Look for carpets that don’t just look good. They feel good and match the room where they’ll be used.

An added bonus is that carpet, which can be moved from one room to another, protects the floor beneath from spills and other damage that comes from dents and the like.

wholesale rugs

2 – Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

You can either acquire flowers planted in a pot and intended to bloom at intervals or finely-wrought bouquets put together in aesthetically pleasing designs that stimulate the senses. In terms of sight, smell, and even taste (owing to the olfactory element), flowers make a statement. At the following link are flowers that give life to great decoration ideas.

You might put a potted orchid or a bouquet in the center of the dining room table. Maybe you hang some flowers from the walls or tuck them into the curtain tiebacks at the edges of windows. Be creative!


3 – Stained-Glass Window Film

Whether you’ve got interior doors that have see-through glass, or you’ve got windows that are a little higher up than other areas of the house, window film designed to look like stained glass can be pretty transformative. You can usually pick up this sort of film for between $20 and $40 per “roll.”

All you’ve got to do is wet the window and apply the film with a squeegee. Be sure you’ve got a squeegee and carefully measure out the film before cutting and using it.

If you get it wrong, the film will curl up at the edges, which doesn’t look very good. But if you do it right, suddenly you’ve got stained glass windows for a fraction of the price. Here are some window film stained-glass options to look at.

stained glass window

Stained glass window film is cheap, comes in many designs, and it’s effortless to apply yourself. Flowers are similarly affordable and do much to enhance your home’s décor. Luxurious carpets look good, feel good, make a room come together, and protect the floor underneath.

A More Beautiful Home and Easy, Affordable Decor on a Tight Budget

These three tactics can effectively change the “feel” of your house without impacting your budget much at all. At a minimum, think about these alternatives, and if they don’t suit you, hopefully, they at least help set your mind thinking toward decorative arrangements that fit your particular style.

Shika N
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