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Ready for Spring? Here Are Five Crucial DIYs

Are you ready for spring?

After a long, frigid winter it’s not too early to start thinking about what we need to do to get the house yard ready for the season. It’s time to wrap up all the cold weather issues and the time to embrace the warm weather ahead. If we’re lucky, we may get an exceptionally warm springtime. And that means that the house has to be ready for it.

The good news is that getting your house ready for spring doesn’t have to be a financially crippling job. You may need to hire a roofing company when it comes to guttering or roof leak repairs. But that doesn’t mean that it will cost the earth. And anyway, wouldn’t you want the professionals doing the jobs that you don’t have to? We sure would.

With the improvement in the weather ahead, we need to make sure that our homes are ready and prepared for the warmer months, just as we would the winter months. Let’s talk about some of the best ways that you can get ready for spring, Then, you’ll be organized and prepared early!

5 Ways to Be Ready for Spring

early spring garden
Before you dig into that early spring garden, take care to set up your plants for health.

1 – Check For Damp.

The first thing on your list should be checking the house for dampness. The rains and cold over the winter months can often be detrimental to the house, leaving rising damp from the ground up. It’s not easy to deal with, and the earlier you find it, the better. To find damp, look to the bottom of the walls for discoloration and damp under your skin. Any of the wall paint or paper that is starting to blister needs to be handled quickly to stop it from spreading. If you do find damp, you could have a leak in the pipes – so call in the plumbers to check!

2 – Turn Down The Heat.

As the world outside starts to warm up, don’t forget to move your thermostat down a few degrees. You don’t want to pay more for heat than you need. Plus, you will tax your heating system less if you give it a much-needed rest after the cold breaks. Finally, this will make you more eco-friendly, creating less environmental demand.

The warm throws and pillows need to be swapped for lighter blankets and lighter colors – and don’t be afraid to choose beautiful colors for your home. Being ready for Spring is about breathing new life into the space inside as well as making sure that the house isn’t falling apart!

3 – Gutter Check.

We mentioned getting in the roofers to check for guttering issues, but do you know why? The debris that the wind blows in is so devastating to your gutters, which is why they need to be cleared out as much as possible! You should clear out your gutters twice a year, so book this service now–ahead of the rainy season. The gutter cleaner pros  sweep out any winter storm debris before the arrival of “spring showers.”

Some homeowners do choose to do this as a DIY project. Although relatively easy, climbing the ladder is not for everyone. And that’s not to mention the “ick” factor of dealing with wet, rotting leaves. Take on this DIY with caution if you’d rather take it on yourself.

5 – Tidy Up The Yard.

Whether you call in the gardener or not doesn’t matter. This job is a must-do before you can enjoy the yard and garden. You need to spend some time sprucing up your yard. This step is especially important if you are looking to grow your own fruit, vegetables or flowers.

The Takeaway: It’s Easy to Get Ready for Spring

Spend some time now, those first warmer days, taking care of these tasks. Getting ready for spring is relatively easy and largely consists of inexpensive DIY projects. However, if you do detect some repairs that require professional aid, it’s easier to find a contractor now during the down-season. 

And the best reason to get ready for spring now? So that once the weather breaks once and for all, you can enjoy the warmer months with these tasks already checked off your list.

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