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Product Review: Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser

Do you love burning essential oils? If so, you are missing out if you have not experienced the use of a nebulizing diffuser. I personally had the opportunity to try and review the Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser. The fragrance of the oil as it releases from this burner is intense!

The first order of business.

I must disclose that Organic Aromas sent me this product for free with the express intent of me writing a review for them. However, my thoughts, opinions, and feedback are my own. As DIY Home & Garden followers know, I am honest in writing up the pros and cons of my product picks. Same with this one–although I must confess, this is one of the most helpful products I’ve ever received to review.

Let’s get started.

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Unboxing the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser:

Let me start by assuring you that my product arrived in the US mail safely. I was worried, admittedly, when I ordered this. Despite this being a glass unit and not a cheaper plastic diffuser, they pack it well, and everything arrived in good order. 

I saw on the box that my product model is called Radiance. A quick Amazon search revealed that they do offer several models. So if you like the idea of this product, you can choose another color or style, as well.

Setting Up  the Organic Aromas Nebulizer

After opening up the nebulizer, I set it up in under twenty seconds, sans instructions. It is easy to see how to put the pieces together. You pop the large glass globe into the rubber grommet in the wood base, plug the cord into the base, drop in your oils, and place the cap on top. Toggle the “on” switch, and you can enjoy essential oils in just a few seconds. 

What is “Nebulizing?”

For those who might now know (I did not realize until recently), here’s how a nebulizing diffuser works. 

  • The nebulizer draws air in through a small tube. The velocity of that air current increases but the pressure at the end of the passageway decreases. This imbalance creates a suction that destabilizes the molecules of the essential oil. Thus, the droplets break down and rise.s forced through a small tube, the velocity is increased while the pressure at the exit point is reduced.
  • As the essential oil molecules rise to the top, a stream of pressurized air blasts them. This atomizes the oil, splitting the essential oil down even further. And, this process causes it to atomize into micro-particles that fill the unit’s reservoir.
  • Once the particles reach the reservoir, they continue to rise and form a mist that ejects out of the glass cap and into your home. 
  • Any essential oils that do not fully break down and release into the air, recycle to the bottom of the unit and begin the process over again.

You notice, here, you do not add water or anything to the nebulizer. Thus, you are releasing undiluted, pure essential oils. Plus, you are receiving the fullest benefits of the oils you diffuse. Pretty cool, huh?


Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser: Features and Benefits

Here are the primary reasons for considering this nebulizer.

1 – Heat-free for the safety of children or pets

Many people want a heat-free unit for safety. You don’t need to worry about young children or curious cats accidentally pulling the cord and burning themselves. 

2 – Essential oil purity

While safety is a consideration, the heat-free operation also ensures that you are diffusing pure essential oil. If you don’t “water down” your oils, it means that you are putting off the purest steam. This gives you undiluted therapeutic value. 

Incidentally, Organic Aromas essential oils smell absolutely ah-may-zing! I included a link below (scroll down) if you’d like to purchase.

3 – Relaxing light show

This sounds kind of silly. However, I will admit to shutting off my lights, closing my blinds, and sitting quietly for a five-minute break from my freelance writing and blogging work. The sensory experience of the light show, the sound of steam releasing, and fragrance really are rather soothing. 

4 – Quiet functioning

The main thing that held me back from purchasing a nebulizer for many years was the noise I heard about from others. It might be true that some nebulizers are noisy. However, this one is tranquil. The steam releasing makes a quiet hiss noise, but I describe it as soft background noise, not as a distraction.

5 – Attractive 

Finally, this nebulizer doubles as a useful accent piece in my office. I like to stay relatively clutter-free, so something that is multi-use is a must for me. 

Caring for Your Nebulizer Is a Must

Taking care of your nebulizer to ensure it lasts for a long time is a definite must-do. It does arrive with care instructions as well as the tools you need to clean it—plan on cleaning it about once a week if you use your unit for two hours per day. 

Also, some Amazon reviewers noted that oil dripped onto the wood left marks. Just as dripping oil onto a piece of wood furniture would leave a ring, so will essential oil!

That seems a common-sense rule of thumb. However, apparently, some Amazon users did not know, so I want to mention it.

So, here goes…

If you drip oil onto the wood, wipe it up promptly. Alternatively, remove the reservoir from the base and add oils away from the wood then replace it if you have an EO bottle that tends to “dribble.” (Hey, it happens!)

The Bottom Line on the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser

Are you ready to give Organic Aromas a try? I am really impressed with the product quality. In fact, I decided to include convenient links to their items throughout this post (as most of you know, I don’t usually include this many links). The purchase link to this unit is above, but they have many other great options for you on Amazon, as well. 

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