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Moving Tips: Living Room and Kitchen

We’ve received messages from y’all asking for moving tips on how to safely pack up your living room and kitchen before the Big Move.

And no wonder!

If only the living room and bedroom weren’t so full of our most prized possessions, moving house would be so easy. Sadly, they are the two rooms in our homes that we fill with our most personal and valuable items. The sofa, dining table, cabinets, appliances, cookers, fridges, washing machines, beds, drawers, wardrobes etc, are the largest items in our homes.

That means they’re heavy and they require care when packing and moving. Because of this, they’re also the most time-consuming. All this factored in, you can safely label them as the hardest rooms to clear when it comes to loading up the moving truck. If only there was a way to make them less of a hassle? Well, actually there are a number of ways to make the things in these rooms fly out the front door.



1 – Clear the way

First and foremost, you have to clear the way which you’ll use to move all these things out. That means, the stairs and hallways need to be clear of the kid’s toys, slippers, dirty clothes hampers, and anything else you’d normally leave lying around like the dog’s chew toys. Clear the exits of the rooms. If you have a chest of drawers in your bedroom which causes the door to not open fully, move it out of the way. Open all the doors and put a door wedge at the bottom to keep them fully open. Then turn on the lights or allow as much natural light in the rooms as possible so you can see where you’re going when you’re lifting very heavy items.

2 – Clear them out

Of all the moving tips, this is one of the only times we will suggest you mix contents between rooms. That said, your bedroom drawers and wardrobe are filled with nice fluffy fabrics that can pad your breakable items.

Grab a bunch of boxes and fill them with the things that are inside all your large items. Raid your bedroom for the contents of your underwear and socks drawers for padding material for your kick-knacks. Put them all into one box without being neat and label the boxes with the things they have inside and which item they belong to.

Do this for the wardrobe, washing machine, cabinets and even for items like the dining table. It keeps everything organized and help protect them from breakage. And, above all else, the lighter weight of the socks makes the heavy items just a little lighter. Of course, this ensures that they’re easier to manipulate as you lift them through tight spaces.

3 – Do you need to?

Right now you’re thinking, why do you have to move heavy things? True, if you would prefer to not do any heavy lifting then use professional movers that are more than happy to do so. Since they have so much experience, they know how to pack your items and move them without damaging or breaking them. They can also move delicate things like fine art, crystal wine glasses, pianos and antiques to name a few of their skills. 

4 – Make a line

Just to help everyone involved, make a list and a line of items that will be moved out. For the living room, you may want to move the tv cabinet first, so move all the other things out of the way and put them in a line in which you’ll take them out of the room. It prepares everything and keeps a good order of things.

Follow Our Moving Tips for your Kitchen and Living Room for a Smooth Move!

The two most difficult rooms to clear out when you’re moving house can be done quickly if you clear the items out and keep the exits of the rooms clear, ready for the professional moving team.


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