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The Link Between Water Damage and Mold Growth

Molds are related to water leaks and most of the people usually underestimate the impact of their relation. Ceiling damage or any kind of flood are not only the reasons for this mold, but there are also various other issues that can actually cause this problem. Any kind of leak that isn’t fixed properly can result in causing this mold growth. Moreover, mold is pretty dangerous for the entire house and its inhabitants.

Some causes of moisture can include the following:

There are several problems that one faces due to this mold and it makes any house or property unbearable. This is the reason why you have to go with proper water damage restoration before mold affects your entire property. Under normal conditions, this mold will take 24-48 hours of time to spread. As it starts spreading, it will result in foul smell in your entire house and can affect people with respiratory problems.

What causes mold growth?

Mold is a kind of fungus that grows by digesting the organic matter. It keeps on releasing the spores spreading itself in the entire house. The nature of mold is to decompose wood, debris, leaves and various other substances. This is the reason why this mold must be treated immediately before it causes more damage to your entire house. It spreads quickly and it can affect the quality of your ceiling, walls, flooring and even spread to your furniture as well as appliances too.

This fungus is dangerous and carries a foul smell with it which is pretty dangerous. They can get themselves attaches to anything in general and can generate more spores pretty easily.

How dangerous is mold growth?

Mold growth can affect the internal structure of wood, walls, etc. and this can actually make your house a dangerous place. Other than that, it has a lot of effect on the people who are suffering from respiratory problems. If your house has people with allergies or respiratory problems, then you have to be extra careful and stop the mold from accumulating at your residence at all. There are some types of molds that can cause mycotoxins which can result in fatigue, nausea, irritation in eyes and lungs and headaches.

How does damage restoration helps in curbing the problem?

Mold is dangerous in various ways and if your house has any kind of water damage or leaks, then it is important to address them as soon as possible. The time that this mold takes to spread is 24-48 hours and if you react before that, then you will be able to curb the entire issue and bring it under control.

The damage restoration company will follow a step by step process in order to solve the damage that has been caused in your house. They make sure to remove the mold and any other kind of bacteria that is present in the house too.

It is important for you to always approach a professional and get the water restoration done by them only. This way you can be assured that your house will be safe and can become livable again.

The Bottom Line on Mold Growth

Mold requires you to call in an expert. The professional mold removal companies follow a three-step process that will help in water damage restoration:

  • Inspection: This inspection will help them in identifying the extent of the mold growth in your house. From water leakage to addressing the mold, everything will be found in this inspection. The companies will get an idea about how things are going.
  • Water Removal: this process helps in getting rid of all the water that has been accumulated in your house. The entire house will be damp now.
  • Drying: The dampness and moisture that is present in your house will be absorbed by high-quality dehumidifiers.
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