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Should You Buy a Leaf Blower or Vacuum?

Are you looking for the best companion for your garden cleaning? Then there are two types of most handy equipment you might consider. A leaf blower or vacuum. Each of these can reduce the hefty effort of the traditional garden sweeping and leaf collecting.

While most people choose the leaf blower, many others select the vacuum. It boils down to personal choice. So which one is better for you? Let’s have a look.

Things you need to know about a leaf blower: 

While picking a leaf blower, you need to know about it properly. Have a look:

Dust and debris collection: 

The leaf blowers work effectively in moving the leaves. The strong air streaming off the leaf blower comes at 200 mph. Leaf blowers work well in picking lightweight debris like gravel, sticks, etc.


The leaf blower blows all the leaves on your yard areas and creates a concentrated pile with the leaves you have to dispose of separately. You can read the reviews to get more information about the leaf vacuum. This equipment works very fast in removing all the leaves from the yard at a great speed. You can easily clean up your full yard within some minutes.

remove leavesWhat are the drawbacks of the leaf blower?

Releasing of dust and debris: 

The leaf blowers let the dust and debris fly in the air. The dust and debris can cause various health hazards, and at the same time, your neighbor may have a problem with the noise.

Collection of debris:

The leaf blowers do not come up with the leaf or debris collection part, making it take another initiative to move all the gathered leaves to another place.

Things you need to know about a leaf vacuum:

A garden vacuum is much more functional and comes with various functions. Here is what you need to know:

Dust and debris collection: 

The vacuum machine works by collecting the leaves from the ground. And not importantly, it does not allow the dust and debris to fly in the air, which leads to less mess and better cleaning.


The disposal problem is lesser with the vacuum machines. The vacuum machines come with the toothed impeller, which works by shredding the leaves after sucking, which is much easier to dispose of. Also, it takes little space in the waste area of the yard.

Collection of debris:

The collection of the debris is much easier with the vacuum machines. While the leaf blowers only move the leaves, the vacuum machines suck up all the leaves, making everything neat and clean.

What are the drawbacks of a vacuum?

Here are two reasons you might pass on this equipment.
Compared to the leaf blowers, the vacuum machines are much slower.
The vacuum machines are relatively costlier than the leaf blowers. However, the functionalities are much better and advanced than the leaf blowers.

When to use a leaf blower?

The leaf blowers are fast and clean all the wet debris conveniently. Also, if you work in a large place, the leaf blowers clean perfectly in a breeze. Also, if you have some other cleaning equipment, then the leaf blower will be the best for you.

When to use a leaf vacuum?

A leaf vacuum is excellent to clean a medium-sized yard. At the same time, it comes with a bag for leaf collection and cleans from everywhere. Also, it does not let the dust or debris fly in the air. 

lawn mowerThe Takeaway: Deciding Between a Leaf Blower or Leaf Vacuum is a Personal Choice

Whether it is a leaf blower or a leaf vacuum, both help you stay neat and clean with your yard area. In case you are in doubt which one to choose, look at your needs and pick one which fits your requirement and gives you the proper cleaning in your garden.

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