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3 Super Tips to Help Your iPhone Last Longer

While the iPhone can be an attractive phone, they’re far from the most affordable. The newest models often cost much more than many people would like. That could make you want to wait until the price comes down until you buy it. You might be unsure if the current model will last you that long, however.

If you don’t know how to make your iPhone last longer, you might struggle with this. As it turns out, there are multiple tips and tricks that you can take advantage of. Though these won’t make your phone last forever, they should last longer than you’d think.

How To Make Your iPhone Last Longer

Follow these tips to get more out of your device.

1 – Keep your iPhone Charged

You’ll already know to keep your iPhone charged. You wouldn’t be able to use it if you didn’t. The trick here is to not wait until your phone’s battery has gone dead to do so. If you do, you could damage the battery slightly. This will be minor at the start, but it will add up over time.

That will slowly shorten your battery’s lifespan. Since that’s one thing that many iPhone owners complain about, it’s an area that you’ll want to focus on. It’s recommended that you start recharging your phone when it reaches about 30% or 40% battery life.

2 – Clear Out The Storage

If you don’t know how to clear storage on iPhone, then you’ll need to find out how to. If you’re low on storage, you could find that your phone will operate much slower. Your battery will also drain much faster than you’d want.

The main cause of this will be your apps. As such, it’s worth getting rid of any ones that you don’t use. The same can also be said of some pictures and videos.

3 – Make Sure It’s Safe

One of the main steps in knowing how to make your iPhone last longer is keeping it safe. That means protecting it from damage as much as possible. Being careful when you’re using and holding it will be the most obvious way of doing so.

There are a few other things involved in this. When you put it down somewhere, for instance, you should make sure that it’s not likely to get wet. It should also be away from any ledges so that there’s no risk that it’ll fall off a table or nightstand.

These will obviously damage your phone. While it might still work for a while afterward, the damage will add up and shorten your iPhone’s lifespan. The less this happens, the less it’ll affect how long your phone lasts.

The Takeaway on a Longer Lasting iPhone

You could struggle to figure out how to make your iPhone last longer. Many people often think that they’re built to last only a short amount of time. That isn’t exactly the case. Instead, they can only withstand a certain amount of use and wear and tear.

Overusing your iPhone in certain ways can cause an early demise of your device Thus, you should avoid these as much as possible. Keeping each of the above in mind will help you make your phone last longer. Making sure it’s clean will play a role in this.

Though you’ll eventually want to upgrade eventually, you shouldn’t have to get rid of your iPhone until you’re ready.

Shika N
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