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Step by Step to a Clean Cell Phone

Today, I’m coming up with a step by step guide to a clean cell phone. You may not realize it, but your cell phone is very dirty. You may wipe it down from time to time, but that’s not effective–all you’re doing is pushing around bacteria.

Have you ever got a zit on your cheek or chin and wondered why it won’t go away? The culprit is often your own phone.  Cell phones harbor bacteria which you transfer to your skin through contact. That can cause breakouts. There’s also an article we have that shows you how to turn jeans into a cell phone charging station! (check it out)

clean cell phone
Clean your cell phone to help prevent the spread of germs.

Cell phones are also a common carrier of viruses that cause common colds, the flu, and could even harbor serious bacteria like e Coli. In fact, research conducted by the University of Arizona proved that cell phones carry as much as 10% higher a bacteria count than your toilet seat!

Can you say, “Eeeewwwww!”

But there’s a simple solution. Clean your cell phone! And, I don’t just mean wipe it down with your sleeve. Nope. I mean clean it and sanitize it so you remove dirt and kill those germs.
Here’s how it’s done.

turned on iphone x with yellow case
We share step by step instructions to clean your cell phone without damaging it.

Step by Step to a Clean Cell Phone

Step One: Remove the protective case

Oh no, my friend. We aren’t going to just wipe down the case and call it a job well done! Remove the iphone’s protective case and set it aside for a few minutes. We will also tackle cleaning that nasty thing in a few minutes.

Step Two: Use a microfiber cloth to wipe debris

Clean away any debris or makeup stains with a soft microfiber cloth. Pass up the paper towels, as they can leave fine scratches on the screen–you probably already have enough scratches already!

Step Three: Sanitize with an alcohol solution

Spray a solution of 50% isopropyl alcohol and 50% water onto a clean corner of the microfiber cloth. Run this cloth on both the front and the back of the cell phone. Also, know that you should not add extra rubbing alcohol to the mixture–in this case, less is not more. In fact, applying too much of the alcohol can damage your phone’s screen

Resist the urge to spray the phone directly as you don’t want any moisture seeping in anywhere it should not! I also don’t like disinfectant wipes for this reason–they are very wet, especially at the beginning and end of the roll. Humidity can cause your screen to cloud up if there are any fine cracks or even ruin the inner workings of your phone.

You won’t have a truly clean cell phone if you skip sanitizing with alcohol!

Step Four: Clean the case

Grab that case you set aside. Mine is always coated in makeup because I wear full makeup every single day. I’m very extra. Anyhow, I like to pick up a dab of my cream makeup remover with a clean part of that same microfiber cloth and scrub away the built-up stains. Then, spray the “alcohol corner” of the cloth and sanitize the case. After it dries, snap it back onto the phone.
DIY Home & Garden has featured cleaning articles on almost every topic. Somehow, we missed this important cleaning task…until now.

The Takeaway: A clean and sanitized cell phone is a healthy one

You now have a sanitized, clean cell phone. Health experts recommend that you sanitize your phone about once a week, following this procedure. A clean cell phone will help keep you healthy. Cold and flu season is barreling down upon us, and we should all take protective measures. Don’t skip this!

Do you have a great tip on how to clean your cell phone? Please share it! I’d love to hear! Have a happy DIY day!

clean cell phone
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